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OSD/JS Declassification Program

Mission Statement

Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Records, Privacy, and Declassification Division (RPDD) has primary responsibility for the administration and operation of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Automatic (ADR), Systematic, and Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) Programs in accordance with Executive Order 13526, DoD 5200.01-M Vol. 1-4, DoD 5230.30-M, & ISOO Directive No. 1 on Classified National Security Administration. RPDD serves as the primary focal point and principal liaison for the planning, implementation, and execution of OSD's Declassification Programs. RPDD also serves as the coordinating office of responsibility for all public requests and referrals to the Joint Staff MDR Program.

RPDD balances need for governmental transparency with the reality that many historical records contain information that must remain protected in order to safeguard classified national security information. Due to visibility and public interest; decisions are subject to executive, congressional, and media scrutiny. RPDD's authority encompasses overall planning, direction, and timely execution of these programs to include the development, assignment, and high-level clearance of goals and objectives to ensure timely and cost-effective results.

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OSD/Joint Staff MDR Mailing Address
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