DoD Directives Division



Updates and Fixes

FOUO Documents

These documents are now availabe. 


The sort and search function is now available for the following webpages:

Training Modules

The following training videos are now available:

Cancelled DoD Issuances

Digital copies of cancelled DoD Issuances can be downloaded at the Cancellations Database. Valid DoD CAC required.

Why doesn't the Search Engine return better results?

The Directives Division shares the ESD Search Engine with all ESD websites. Users can now focus their search by sub-division. Click the respective link if you need your search to focus solely on DoD Issuances, Forms Management, Collections, GAO or Plain Language.


What happened to the What's New webpage?

The What's New webpage has been replaced by the Recent Publications page. 


FAQ for Website Migration

The DoD Directives Division website has moved. The old url is no longer viable. The new official location for the DoD Directives Division is We are currently experiencing problems with the transition and are working diligently to correct these problems.

General Migration Issues

How do I locate the programs within the Directives Division?

Broken Links

If you encounter broken links, please send an email to the Directives Division webmaster.

What about broken links on a website outside of the Directives Division?

The new DoD Directives Division websites (DoD Issuances, DoD Forms Management, Plain Language, GAO Affairs and Information Collections Branch) can be found at: . The DTIC website should redirect you to our new homepage for the next 90 days. In that timeframe your website administrator should change your websites links from our old DTIC website to the new address.

Migration Issues with DoD Issuances

What happened to the weekly What's New email?

We are researching how to provide an alternative for the discontinued What's New emails. The Recent Publications webpage is the best way to find recent DoD Issuances and Forms.

How do I find a specific DoD Issuance?

Where are the DoDI 1400.25 issuances?

DoD Instruction 1400.25 can be found here: . The link can be found in the top navigation, under the "Issuances" dropdown.

Where are the Issuance Process training modules?

The online training modules are currently offline. We are working to make them available in the near future.

Where is the SIPRNET website?

The SIPRNET version of this website is located here: