DoD 5110.4-M, “Manual for Written Material”


This Manual reissues DoD 5110.4-M in accordance with the authority in DoD Directives 5105.53 and 5110.4 to provide guidance for managing the correspondence of the Secretary of Defense (SecDef), Deputy Secretary of Defense (DepSecDef), and Executive Secretary (ExecSec) of the Department of Defense as well as OSD and DoD Component correspondence.


Guidance for Suspense Requirements has been updated as of 25 February 2016. The most recent guidance is reflected at this link and will differ from the PDF below. The changes will be reflected in the next revision of the Manual for Written Material.

Title Description PDF
Number 5110.04-M-Vol 1 Dated October 26, 2010 Describes the administrative processes for OSD and DoD correspondence, to include providing procedures for preparing and submitting SecDef, DepSecDef, and ExecSec correspondence. Open PDF
Number 5110.04-M-Vol 2 Dated October 26, 2010 This Volume provides examples and reference material for SecDef, DepSecDef, and ExecSec correspondence and OSD and DoD Component correspondence. Open PDF