OSD Records & Information Management Program

Headed by the OSD Records Administrator, the OSD Records and Information Management (RIM) Program is responsible for oversight, implementation of the Federal Records Act within the Offices of the Secretary of Defense and the WHS supported Defense Agencies and Field Activities.

Mission Statement

The OSD Records and Information Management Program mission is to oversee the operation and maintenance of a viable and sustainable records management program for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the OSD Components, Defense Agencies and Field Activities. The OSD Records and Information Program provides policy and procedures for life-cycle management of information created and received by OSD Components, regardless of form or content.

Our responsibilities include:


Serving as the office of record and the Federal Agency Records Officer for records and information management activities for WHS-serviced Components in accordance with 44 USC Chapters 31 and 33; 36 CFR 1220-1236, DoD 5015.02 and AI-15 "OSD Records and Information Management Program.

Establishing a comprehensive records and information management program to support the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a), the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972" and OMB Circular A-130, "Management of Federal Information Resources."

Ensuring positive control over the organization, maintenance, use, designation, and disposition of WHS-serviced components’ records and information, regardless of media (paper, electronic, audiovisual, etc.).

Maintaining and updating the OSD Records Disposition Schedules (OSD/RDS) via this site. Ensuring OSD/RDS are updated and distributed as NARA approves new schedules or revises the GRS citations.

Developing and applying standards, procedures, and techniques for improving records management; ensuring the maintenance and timely retirement of records of continuing value; and facilitating the segregation and disposal of all records of temporary value.

Acting as the liaison official with NARA, other government agencies, private industry, and private citizens on records and information management matters of WHS-serviced Components.

Instituting and overseeing a records management evaluation program in accordance with 44 USC Chapters 31 and 33; 36 CFR 1220-1236, DoD 5015.2 and AI-15 and Executive Order 13526 to ensure compliance of the WHS-serviced Components and to provide for improvements and changes to existing procedures and records schedules to reflect current mission and organizational requirements.

Information, Documents, and Related Organizations

The OSD Records and Information Management Program


The goals of the OSD Rim Training Program are to:

  • Raise awareness and improve effectiveness of records management.
  • Increase the level of understanding for all OSD personnel managing federal records, regardless of format or location.
  • Provide recipients with the information necessary to incorporate records and information management into their day to day duties.

OSD RIM Handouts


Mandatory Records Management Training

The National Archives

Social Media as a Federal Record


DoDI 8170.01, Defines Online Information Management and Electronic Messaging Capabilities as:


44 USC Chapter 33, 3301a(1) and (2) Defines records as:


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