Records and Declassification Programs Mission Statement

WHS administers the implementation, operation, and sustainment of the...


  • OSD Records & Information Management Program
  • OSD Declassification Program
  • WHS Privacy Program
  • Provides archival, research, and retrieval services for Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense correspondence

In support of the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, OSD Components, Washington Headquarters Services, DoD Agencies, and supported Field Activities.

The Major OSD Records and Declassification Programs

OSD Declassification Program

WHS serves as the primary focal point and principal liaison for the planning, implementation, and execution of OSD's Declassification Programs.

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OSD Records & Information Management Program

The OSD Records and Information Management Program is responsible for oversight, implementation of the Federal Records Act within the Offices of the Secretary of Defense and the WHS supported Defense Agencies and Field Activities.

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WHS Privacy Program

The WHS Privacy Program provides guidance and direction to the WHS Directorates as it relates to the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.

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