DoD Member Submissions

DOPSR reviews and approves for public release on behalf of the SECDEF official DoD information IAW DoDD 5230.09 and DoDI 5230.29, the DoD portion of the President’s budget, supporting DoD testimony, answers to Questions for the Record, Inserts for the Record, transcripts, re-programming actions, Select Acquisition Reports, and Reports to Congress IAW DoDI 5400.04, and GAO Reports and the official DoD response IAW DoDI 7650.02.

DOPSR, appointed as the sole DoD Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP) Liaison, acts as the DoD ISCAP voting member proxy in ISCAP working group meetings at the National Archives. The ISCAP provides the citizenry and users of the classification system with a forum for further review of previous classification decisions. Both positions are governed by ISOO Directive No. 1, effective October 14, 1995 (32 CFR Part 2001).

DOPSR is the only DoD organization to be specifically mentioned in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR 125.4(b)(13)) and uses this authority to offer our customers within and outside the Department in the Military Industrial Base a process for the review and approval for public release of unclassified technical data on defense articles not currently under an active DoD contract.