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Recent DoD Issuances

The recent publications webpage lists the newest DoD Issuances and Forms.

DoD Issuances Cancellation Database

Digital copies of cancelled DoD Issuances can be downloaded at the Cancellations Database. Valid DoD CAC required.


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  • Due to changes in OSD leadership structure, the document “DoD and OSD Component Heads” has been replaced with “Collective Leadership Terms.”  We have also updated references to the document within our online guidance.  If you see anything we missed, let us know.
  • The DoD Issuances SIPR Website has a new URL and can be found here:
  • Are you establishing a new DD, SD, or WHS form or updating a current form while you’re working your issuance?  Guidance is available here.
  • ODA&M Processing Training Class is now Available to CAC users online.
  • A video tutorial is now available for using the Action Officer Timeline Tool (CAC users only).
  • Do you have controlled unclassified information (formerly FOUO) in your issuance?  Check out the available marking guidance.
  • The DoD Issuance Style Guide and its Addendum A are effective 11/16/2020 and must be applied to all issuances that have not yet entered the legal sufficiency review process as of 11/30/2020. A Summary of Changes is available here.
  • The directive-type memorandum (DTM) template and standards have been updated effective 10/8/2020 in compliance with direction from the Director for Administration and Organizational Policy, OCMO.
  • Effective 1/1/2020, the DoD Issuances template has been updated to incorporate Section 508 requirements.  See how the changes affect your issuance here .
  • Now Available: Issuance Process Summary Training Video
  • New DoD Issuances and Forms can be found on the Recent Publications webpage
  • For help working with the signed DD Form 818, see DD 818 Signature Tips.
  • Are you making a second, third, or fifteenth change to your issuance? How to get it ready by "clearing" previous changes can be found here .
  • Do you need to recoordinate your issuance? See the flowchart to decide.
  • Help on how to turn off autoformatting and create multi-page tables is available in the Issuance Toolbox. Go to FAQs in Forms, Templates, and Resources.
  • Do you need to expedite your issuance processing? Follow the guidance provided here.

Issuance Templates & Standards

Download supporting documents and standards for writing DoD Issuances.

ODA&M Issuance Process

The ODA&M issuance process provides procedures for action officers in the Office of the Director of Administration and Management (ODA&M) who are processing DoD issuances for Deputy Secretary of Defense (DepSecDef), ODA&M, or Director, Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) approval as well as changes to and cancellations of those issuances.

DoD Issuances Portal System

The DoD issuances Portal System is available to registered users at (unclassified) 

DoD Issuance Process

The issuance process provides procedures for action officers (AOs) who are processing DoD issuances, as well as changes to and cancellations of those issuances signed or approved by OSD Component heads other than the Director of Administration and Management of the Department of Defense (DA&M) or Director, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS).

SPM & Memorandums

Proceed to Secretary Policy (SPM) and other Memorandums. Access requires valid DoD CAC.