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Recently Published DoD Issuances & Forms

Event StartTitleDescription
10/26/2021 DTM-21-008

Senior Level and Scientific and Professional Performance Management System and Compensation

10/26/2021 DoDI 1325.02

Desertion and Unauthorized Absence or Absence Without Leave

10/25/2021 DoDI 8320.03

Unique Identification (UID) Standards for Supporting the DoD Information Enterprise

10/13/2021 DoDI 1322.33

DoD Credentialing Programs

10/13/2021 DoDI 1304.25

Fulfilling the Military Service Obligation

10/12/2021 DoDI 7050.09

Uniform Standards for Evaluating and Investigating Military Reprisal or Restriction Complaints

10/12/2021 DoDD 7050.06

Military Whistleblower Protection

10/7/2021 DTM-18-007

Conversion of DoD Temporary Duty and Permanent Change of Station Lodging to Fully Nonappropriated Fund Operations, Maintenance, and Construction

10/1/2021 DoDI 6490.11

DoD Policy Guidance for Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion in the Deployed Setting

10/1/2021 DoDI 1400.25, Volume 1408

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Insurance and Annuities for Nonappropriated Fund Emplyees

9/29/2021 DoDI 5410.19, Volume 4

Community Outreach Activities: Ceremonial, Musical, and Aerial Event Support

9/29/2021 DoDI 5410.19, Volume 3

Community Outreach Activities: Honors to National Symbols; Annual Patriotic and Military Observances

9/29/2021 DoDI 5410.19, Volume 2

Community Outreach Activities: OSD Outreach Programs, Speaking Engagements, and Support to Non-DoD Organizations

9/29/2021 DoDI 5410.19, Volume 1

Community Outreach Activities: Policy Overview and Evaluation Procedures