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Recently Published DoD Issuances & Forms

Event StartTitleDescription
7/7/2020 DoDD 1342.20

Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA)

7/7/2020 DoDI 1400.25 Volume 2006

Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) - Compensation Administration

7/7/2020 DoDI 7050.05

Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to Procurement Activities

7/6/2020 DoDI 4165.68

Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance - Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance

7/2/2020 DoDD 3200.15

Sustaining Access to the Live Training and Test Domain

7/2/2020 DoDD 2311.01

DoD Law of War Program

7/2/2020 DoD 4140.65

Issue, Use, And Disposal Of Wood Packaging Material (MPM)

7/2/2020 DoDI 4165.68

Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance - Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance

7/1/2020 DoDI 1400.25 Volume 431

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Performance  Management and Appraisal Program

7/1/2020 DoDI 7041.04

Estimating and Comparing the Full Costs of Civilian and Active Duty Military Manpower and Contract Support

6/30/2020 DoDI 1020.04

Harassment Prevention and Responses For DoD Civilian Employees

6/30/2020 DoDI 5010.40

Managers' Internal Control Program Procedures

6/30/2020 DoDI 1320.04

Military Officer Actions Requiring Presidential, Secretary of Defense, Or Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Approval Or Senate Confirmation

6/30/2020 DoDI 1000.17

Detail of DoD Personnel to Duty Outside the Department of Defense

6/29/2020 DoDM 4715.05 Volume 5

Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document: Waste

6/29/2020 DoDM 4715.05 Volume 4

Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document: Hazardous Materials, Storage Tanks, Spills, and Pesticides

6/29/2020 DoD 4715.05 Volume 3

Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document: Water

6/29/2020 DoDM 4715.05 Volume 2

Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance document: Air and Toxics

6/29/2020 DoDM 4715.05 Volume 1

Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document: Conservation

6/26/2020 DTM-19-006

Interim Policy and Guidance for the Use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Support of Materiel Sustainment

6/25/2020 DoDI 1304.35

Military Marketing

6/24/2020 DoDI 8320.02

Sharing Data, Information, and Technology (IT) Services in the Department of Defense

6/23/2020 DoDD 5111.01

Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USD(P))

6/23/2020 DoDD 2060.01

Implementation of, and Compliance with, Arms Control Agreements

6/19/2020 DoDI 5145.03

Oversight of the DoD Personnel Security Programs

6/16/2020 DoD 5110.04-M Volume 1

DoD Manual For Written Material: Correspondence Management

6/16/2020 DoD 5110.04-M Volume 2

DoD Manual For Written Material: Examples And Reference Material

6/15/2020 DoDI 1010.16

Technical Procedures for the Military Personnel Drug Abuse Testing Program (MPDATP)

6/15/2020 DoDI 6490.16

Defense Suicide Prevention Program

6/12/2020 DoDI 1332.14

Enlisted Administrative Separations

6/10/2020 DoDI 1322.32

 Pre-Deployment Training and Theater-entry Requirements

6/8/2020 DTM-18-003

Prohibition on Providing Funds to the Enemy and Authorization of Additional Access to Records

6/8/2020 DoDI 4500.53

DoD Commercial Air Transportation Quality and Safety Review Program

6/8/2020 DoDI 8320.06

Organization Unique Identification (OUID) Standards for Unique Identification of External Department of Defense Business Partners

6/8/2020 DoDM 1348.33 Volume 2

Manual Of Military Decorations And Awards: DoD Service Awards Campaign, Expeditionary, And Service Medals

6/5/2020 DoDI 4500.43

Operational Support Airlift (OSA)

6/5/2020 DoDI 1205.18

Full-Time Support (FTS) to the Reserve Components

6/4/2020 DoDI 3224.03

Physical Security Enterprise and Analysis Program (PSEAP)

6/4/2020 DoDD 5101.21E

 DoD Executive Agent for Unified Platform and Joint Cyber Command and Control (JCC2)

6/1/2020 DTM-17-007

Interim Policy and Guidance for Defense Support to Cyber Incident Response

6/1/2020 DoDI 1100.23

Detail of Personnel to OSD

5/29/2020 DoDD 5000.71

Rapid Fulfillment of Combatant Commander Urgent Operational Needs

5/29/2020 DoDI 6490.05

Maintenance of Psychological Health in Military Operations

5/29/2020 DoDD 5105.84

Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (DCAPE)

5/29/2020 DoDD 5118.03

Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer, Department of Defense (USD(C)/CFO)

5/29/2020 DoDD 5106.01

Inspector General of The Department of Defense (IG DoD)

5/29/2020 DoDI O-3300.04

Defense Biometric Enable Intelligence (BEI) and Forensic Enabled Intelligence (FEI)

5/28/2020 DoDD 5145.04

Defense Legal Services Agency (DLSA)

5/28/2020 DoDI 6025.23

Health Care Eligibility Under the Secretarial Designee (SECDES) Program and Related Special Authorities

5/28/2020 DoDI 5030.14

Disclosure of Atomic Information to Foreign Governments and Regional Defense Organizations

5/26/2020 DoDI 5210.88

Security Standards for Safeguarding Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT)