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Recently Published DoD Issuances

2/20/2024 DTM-20-002

Missile Defense System Policies and Governance

2/16/2024 DoDI 5505.20

Processing Evidence into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network in Connection with DoD Criminal Investigations

2/16/2024 DoDI 5200.44

Protection of Mission Critical Functions to Achieve Trusted Systems and Networks

2/16/2024 DoDM 4151.25

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

2/15/2024 DTM-19-001

Establishment of the Secretary of Defense Strategic Thinkers Program

2/9/2024 DoDI 4715.18

Emerging Chemicals of Environmental Concern

2/9/2024 DoDI 5025.13

DoD Plain Language Program

2/6/2024 AI 123

Information Management and Technology Support for OSD

2/2/2024 DoDI 1340.09

Hazard Pay (HzP) Program

2/2/2024 DoDI 4140.67

DoD Counterfeit Prevention Policy

2/2/2024 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 340

Part-Time Career Employment Program

2/1/2024 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 731

Suitability and Fitness Adjudication For Civilian Employees

1/31/2024 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 1471

 Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Labor-Management and Employee Relations

1/23/2024 DTM-17-004

Department of Defense Expeditionary Civilian Workforce

1/19/2024 DoDM 1348.33, Vol. 2

 Manual Of Military Decorations And Awards: DoD Service Awards – Campaign, Expeditionary, And Service Medals

1/18/2024 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 451

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Awards

1/12/2024 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 543

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: DoD Civilian Physicians, Podiatrists, and Dentists Pay Plan

1/11/2024 DoDI 4515.13

Air Transportation Eligibility

1/11/2024 DoDM 4715.06, vol 2

Regulations On Vessels Owned Or Operated By The Department Of Defense Oil Pollution Prevention

1/11/2024 DoDI 8585.01

DoD Cyber Red Teams

1/11/2024 DoDI 5000.57

Defense Acquisition University

1/9/2024 DTM-17-003

Veterans Military Exchange Online Shopping Access Policy

1/8/2024 DoDI 1035.01

Telework And Remote Work

1/2/2024 DoDI 1030.03

Protections For DoD Personnel Against Personal Liability For Performing Their Official Duties

12/26/2023 DoDI 3901.01

Special Operations Policy And Oversight Council