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Recently Published DoD Issuances & Forms

Event StartTitleDescription
8/14/2020 DoDI 4151.22

Condition-Based Maintenance Plus for Materiel Maintenance

8/14/2020 DoDD 3020.49

Program Management for the Planning and Execution of Operational Contract Support

8/14/2020 DoDD 5105.84

Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation

8/14/2020 DoDM 5120.20

Management Of American Forces Radio And Television Service (AFRTS)

8/12/2020 DTM-19-009

Financial Readiness Common Military Training Requirements

8/11/2020 DTM-18-005

Authority for Support of Special Operations for Irregular Warfare (IW)

8/11/2020 DoDM 6055.18

Safety Standards For Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories

8/11/2020 DoDI 3300.07

Defense Intelligence Foreign Language and Regional and Culture Capabilities

8/10/2020 DoDI 7000.14

Department of Defense Financial Management Policy and Procedures

8/10/2020 DoDD 3115.16

The Defense Warning Network

8/6/2020 DoDI 5000.85

 Major Capability Acquisition

8/6/2020 DTM-19-008

Expedited Screening Protocol (ESP)

8/5/2020 DoDM 6440.02

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (Clip) Procedures

8/5/2020 DoDM 5220.22 Volume 3

National Industrial Security Program: Procedures For Government Activities Relating To Foreign Ownership, Control, Or Influence (FOCI)

8/5/2020 DoDD 5101.22E

 DoD Executive Agent (DoD EA) for DoD Mission Partner Environment (MPE)

8/5/2020 DoDM 1000.13 Volume 2

DoD Identification (ID) Cards: Benefits For Members Of The Uniformed Services, Their Dependents, And Other Eligible Individuals

8/4/2020 DoDI 8130.01

Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S)

8/4/2020 DoDI 5000.84

 Analysis of Alternatives

8/4/2020 DoDM 5200.01 Volume 2

DoD Information Security Program: Marking Of Information

8/4/2020 DoDM 5200.01 Volume 1

DoD Information Security Program: Overview, Classification, and Declassification

8/3/2020 DoDI 5525.17

Conservation Law Enforcement Program (CLEP)

7/30/2020 DoDI 4650.06

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Management

7/28/2020 DoDM 1000.13 Volume 1

DoD Identification (ID) Cards: ID Card Life-Cycle

7/28/2020 DoDM 5200.01 Volume 3

DoD Information Security Program: Protection Of Classified Information

7/27/2020 DoDD 5525.21

Protection of Buildings, Grounds, Property, and Persons and Implementation of Section 2672 of Title 10, United States Code

7/23/2020 DoDI 1444.02 Volume 4

Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Workforce and Address Dynamic Records

7/23/2020 DoDI 1444.02 Volume 3

Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Foreign National (FN) Civilians

7/23/2020 DoDM 6025.13

Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) And Clinical Quality Management In The Military Health System (MHS)

7/23/2020 DoDM 1416.08

DoD Manual For Foreign National Compensation

7/21/2020 DoDI 1444.02 Volume 2

Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Civilians

7/21/2020 DoDI 1444.02 Volume 1

Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Appropriated Fund (APF) Civilians

7/21/2020 DoDM 3150.08

Nuclear Weapon Accident Response Procedures (NARP)

7/20/2020 DoDI 5000.83

 Technology and Program Protection to Maintain Technological Advantage

7/16/2020 DoDI 3115.12

Open Source Intelligence

7/15/2020 DoDD 5135.02

Under Secretary of Defense For Acquisition And Sustainment (USD(A&S))

7/15/2020 DoDI 5240.24

Counterintelligence (CI) Activities Supporting Research, Development, and Acquisition (RDA)

7/15/2020 DoDD 5137.02

Under Secretary Of Defense For Research And Engineering (USD(R&E))

7/15/2020 DoDI 3741.01

National Leadership Command Capabilities (NLCC) Configuration Management (CM)

7/15/2020 DoDI 2040.03

End Use Certificates (EUCS)

7/14/2020 DoDD 5200.43

Management of The Defense Security Enterprise

7/14/2020 DoDD 5111.21

Arms Transfer and Technology Release Senior Steering Group and Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure Office

7/14/2020 DoDI 6055.01

DoD Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Program

7/14/2020 DoDI 2000.27

DoD Senior Foreign Official Visit Program (SFOVP)

7/14/2020 AI-113

Operation and Management of the Pentagon Heliport

7/13/2020 DoDI 7750.07

DoD Forms Management Program

7/13/2020 DoDI 1400.25 Volume 2011

Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) Performance Management

7/9/2020 DoDI 3020.51

Intelligence Support to the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP)

7/9/2020 DoDI 3204.01

DoD Policy for Oversight of Independent Research and Development (IR&D)

7/9/2020 DoDI 7730.47

Defense Incident-Based Reporting System (DIBRS)

7/9/2020 DoDI 3780.01

Senior Leader Secure Communications Modernization (SLSCM)

7/9/2020 DoDI 2000.22

Designation and Physical Protection of DoD High-Risk Personnel

7/8/2020 DoDI 8910.01

Information Collection and Reporting

7/7/2020 DoDD 1342.20

Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA)

7/7/2020 DoDI 1400.25 Volume 2006

Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) - Compensation Administration

7/7/2020 DoDI 7050.05

Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to Procurement Activities

7/6/2020 DoDI 4165.68

Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance - Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance

7/2/2020 DoDD 3200.15

Sustaining Access to the Live Training and Test Domain

7/2/2020 DoDD 2311.01

DoD Law of War Program

7/2/2020 DoD 4140.65

Issue, Use, And Disposal Of Wood Packaging Material (MPM)

7/2/2020 DoDI 4165.68

Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance - Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance

7/1/2020 DoDI 1400.25 Volume 431

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Performance  Management and Appraisal Program

7/1/2020 DoDI 7041.04

Estimating and Comparing the Full Costs of Civilian and Active Duty Military Manpower and Contract Support