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Recently Published DoD Issuances

12/5/2023 DoDI 1322.12

Funded Legal Education

11/30/2023 DoDI 5400.18

 Public Affairs Procedures And Operations For Political Campaigns And Elections

11/30/2023 DoDI 3000.18

 Strategic Readiness

11/27/2023 AI 15

OSD Records And Information Management Program

11/27/2023 DoDI 5525.20

Registered Sex Offender Management In DoD

11/22/2023 DoDI 6055.12

Hearing Conservation Program

11/21/2023 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 630

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System Leave

11/17/2023 DoDI 1315.09

 Utilization Of Enlisted Aides On Personal Staffs Of General Officers/Flag Officers

11/16/2023 DoDI 3902.01

Special Operations Forces Joint Combined Exchange Training Program

11/14/2023 DTM 23-007

Interim Policy and Guidance for Implementation of Body-Worn Cameras by DoD Law Enforcement Officers

11/8/2023 DoDI 1341.13

Post-9/11 GI Bill 

11/7/2023 DoDM 4140.01 Vol.4

DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures: Make and Maintain Materiel 

11/7/2023 DoDD 5230.11

Disclosure Of Classified Military Information To Foreign Governments And International Organizations

11/7/2023 DoDI 4151.24

Depot Source of Repair Assignment Determination Process

11/2/2023 DoDI 1025.08

National Guard Youth Challenge Program

11/2/2023 DoDI O-2000.22

Designation and Physical Protection of DoD High-Risk Personnel

11/2/2023 DoDI 4120.15

Designating And Naming Military Aerospace Vehicles

11/1/2023 DoDI 1322.22

Military Service Academies

10/31/2023 DTM 21-008

Senior Level and Scientific and Professional Performance Management System and Compensation

10/31/2023 DoDI 7600.02

Audit Policies

10/30/2023 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 630

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Leave

10/30/2023 DoDI 1005.16

Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence

10/30/2023 DoDI 1400.25, Vol. 2004

DOD Civilian Personnel Management System: Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System Adjustment In Force

10/27/2023 DTM 22-005

Enhanced Pay Authority for Certain  Acquisition and Technology Positions in DoD

10/24/2023 DoDI 5230.16

Nuclear-Radiological Incident Public Affairs (PA) Guidance

10/24/2023 DoDI 1110.02

National Language Service Corps (NLSC)

10/18/2023 DTM 19-011

Military Service Academy Graduates Seeking to Participate in Professional Sports

10/18/2023 DoDD 5101.23E

DoD Executive Agent For Advanced Cyber Training Curricula

10/18/2023 DTM 17-007

Interim Policy and Guidance for Defense Support to Cyber Incident Response

10/12/2023 DoDI 1300.26

Operation of the DoD Financial Management Certification Program

10/12/2023 DoDI 5030.07

Coordination of Significant Litigation and Other Matters Involving the Department of Justice