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Recently Published DoD Issuances

6/7/2023 DoDI 5025.01

DoD Issuances Program

6/2/2023 DTM 21-001

DoD Public Web Program

6/1/2023 DoDI 5000.82

Requirements for the Acquisition of Digital Capabilities

6/1/2023 DoDI 1341.15

Basic Needs Allowance

5/31/2023 DoDM 8530.01

Cybersecurity Activities Support Procedures

5/31/2023 DoDD 7730.65

DoD Readiness Reporting System

5/31/2023 DoDI 8551.01

Ports, Protocols, and Services Management

5/22/2023 DoDI 7250.13

Use of Appropriated Funds for Official Representation Purposes

5/19/2023 DoDD S-3730.02

(U) The Nuclear Command, Control, and Communication Enterprise

5/19/2023 DoDI 8520.03

Identity Authentication for Information Systems

5/18/2023 DoDI 1300.19

DoD Joint Officer Management Program

5/18/2023 DoDI 8520.02

Public Key Infrastructure and Public Key Enabling

5/18/2023 AI 65

Restrictions on the Employment of Relatives

5/16/2023 DoDI 6400.06

DoD Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Abuse Involving DoD Military and Certain affiliated Personnel

5/16/2023 DoDI 1322.31

Common Military Training

5/9/2023 DoDI 1304.24

Use of Directory Information on Secondary School Students for Military Recruiting Purposes

5/9/2023 DoDI 5220.31

National Industrial Security Program

5/9/2023 DoDM 4140.01, Volume 12

DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures: Enterprise Logistics Decisions

5/5/2023 DTM 23-006

DoD Discharge Appeal Review Board

5/5/2023 DTM 23-005

Self-Initiated Referral Process for Mental Health Evaluations of Service Members

5/4/2023 DTM 23-004

Interim Policy and Guidance for the Use of Chemical and Biological Defense Program Funding

4/28/2023 DTM 22-002

Nonappropriated Fund Procurement Implementation of Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (Public Law 115-232)

4/28/2023 DoDI 1400.25, Volume 1404

DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Nonappropriated Fund

4/25/2023 DoDD 4650.05

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing

4/20/2023 DTM 21-002

Federal Advisory Committee Management Program Ethics Responsibilities

4/19/2023 DTM 21-003

Access to Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Category C Online Activities, DoD Commissaries, and Military Service Exchanges

4/18/2023 DTM 19-012

Expansion of Patronage for Certain Veterans and Certain Caregivers for Veterans

4/14/2023 DTM S-19-005

(U) Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Enterprise Governance

4/13/2023 DoDI 1442.02

Personnel Actions Involving Civilian Attorneys