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Cancelling a DoD Form (DD Form)

Only the DoD Component Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) may cancel a form for which it is responsible. The Action Officer (AO) within the OPR should contact the Component FMO to assist with the cancellation.

To cancel a form a DD Form 67 is completed and coordination obtained. Item 14, on the DD Form 67, must state the reason for the cancellation and identify any replacement forms, if applicable. Coordination obtained in items 15 and 16, notifying all of the form cancellation.

Once coordinated, the AO, through the Component FMO, shall forward the DD Form 67 to the DoD FMO. The DoD FMO will review DD Form 67 and process for cancellation. Upon DoD FMO approval, the signed DD Form 67 shall be forwarded to the DoD Component FMO and coordinating Components.

Cancellation information shall be noted on the DoD Forms Management Program web site form listings and Form Information pages. The DoD FMO will notify the using Component FMOs that the form has been canceled via a distribution email.