DoD Information Collections

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Graphic: Public Collections Approval Process

Public Collections Approval Process

Stage 1: Requirement Determination and Initiation

  • 1 A. Review Documents for Public Information Collection Requirements
  • 1 B. AO, IMCO, and OIM adjudicate any questions or comments
  • 1 C. IMCO creates a new Public Collection Workflow

Stage 2: 60-Day Federal Register Notice

  • 2 A. AO drafts the 60-Day FRN using template
  • 2 B. IMCO reviews 60-Day FRN and then submits it to OIM for review
  • 2 C. OIM reviews 60-Day FRN
  • 2 D. Publication of 60-Day FRN by the Federal Register

Stage 3: PRA Package Preparation

  • 3 A. During 60-Day FRN Comment Period, AO prepares PRA submission
    (includes Supporting Statement Part A, OMB 83-I, and Collection Instrument)
  • 3 B. IMCO Reviews Package and Confirms the Mandatory Coordinators Required
  • 3 C. AO Obtains and Uploads Mandatory Coordinators' Approval
  • 3 D. IMCO reviews finalized PRA Package and submits it to OIM
  • 3 E. OIM conducts final review of PRA Package

Stage 4: 30-Day Federal Register Notice

  • 4 A. Senior OIM Analyst Reviews Package
  • 4 B / 4C / 4D. OIM drafts and submits the 30-Day FRN / 30-Day FRN is published and OIM conducts ROCIS upload / OIM submits package through ROCIS to OMB

Stage 5: Package Submission and OMB Review

  • 5 A - 5B. 30 Day Comment Period Duration and OMB Review
    NOTE: SORNs pending publication can move forward with submission date
  • 5 C. OMB Desk Officer sends any comments received during 30-Day FRN Comment Period

Stage 6: OMB Determination and License Activation

  • 6 A. OMB Desk Officer submits determination via Notice of Action (NOA)
  • 6 B. If approved, OIM provides NOA to IMCO / AO and activates OMB Control Number in IC System