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Contacting OIM

Information Collections Org Box:

  • Please use this org box for general correspondence relating to:
    • Administrative Questions/Comments
    • Submitting IMCO Appointment Memos
    • General Process Questions
    • Registration for Training
    • Submitting Documents for review/requirement determination
    • Questions on specific collections
    • Package elements being submitted for review
    • Responses to an OIM analyst’s review

IMCO Resources

This section of the website is dedicated to compiling elements you may need to carry out your responsibilities as appointed Information Management Control Officer (IMCO).

Appointment Memo

  • Appointment Memo Template (Downloadable PDF)
  • Per DoDI 8910.01, all DoD Components must appoint an Information Management Control Officer.
  • If you wish to fill a vacancy or appoint an IMCO for your component/proponent, please download the Appointment Memo Template and revise the appropriate information.
  • Submit the Appointment Memo to your Component Head for endorsement and then return to OIM for processing.
  • Upon receipt, we will update all IMCO listings on our site.

IMCO Listing

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(authorized personnel only; common access card required)

If you have any questions or concerns about this document, please contact OIM immediately.