DoD Information Collections



OIM Training Classes



“Generic Clearances”

·       Tuesday, August 20, 2019

      o   10:30(AM) – 11:00(AM) or 1:30(PM) - 2:00(PM)


In Person: IMCO/Support Staff Workshop

·      Wednesday, Sept 4 – Thursday, Sept 5, 2019

  o   8:30(AM) – 3:30(PM)

Webinar: "The Paperwork Reduction Act 101"

·       Thursday, October 24, 2019

      o   10:00(AM) - 10:30(AM) or 2:30(PM) - 3:00(PM)


Webinar: “Student Research”

·       Thursday, November 21, 2019

      o   10:00(AM) – 10:30(AM) or 1:30(PM) - 2:00(PM)


Training Descriptions

Webinars (30 minutes - Monthly)

One of our analysts presents on an information collection related topic on a monthly basis. These webinars vary by month and usually focus on what is most relevant at the time. We also take into account what our Action Officers and Information Management Control Officers are asking for and what is pertinent to them. Webinar times can be found in the Newsletter or on this website under “OIM Training Classes.”   


IMCO/Support Staff Boot Camp (1 day - Semi-Annually)

The perfect course for new IMCOs and Support Staff. This one-day training provides a detailed overview of both internal and public collection processes. Our expert analysts will cover:

  • Identifying collection requirements
  • Approval process and timelines
  • Required package elements to gain approval
  • Renewals and Extensions to remain compliant

IMCO/Support Staff (2-3 Days - Semi-Annually)

A 2-3 day workshop that focuses on collaboration, networking, overview of processes and engaging with Mission Partners. 

How to Register

Please email the Information Collections Org Box and indicate which training module you wish to register for. Confirmation, along with important visitor information, will be sent from one of our analysts.