DoD Information Collections

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OIM Training Classes

Webinar: “The Intersection of DoD Issuances and Information Collections: Processing Internals & Public ICRs Prescribed by Issuances”
  •  Thursday, January 17, 2019
    • 10:30(AM) – 11:30(AM) or 2:30(PM) - 3:30(PM)

IMCO/Support Staff: 3-Day Quarterly Training*

  • 30 January – 1 February 2019
    • 9:00(AM) – 3:00(PM) 

Webinar: “Systems and the PRA”

  • Thursday, February 21, 2019
    • 10:30(AM) – 11:30(AM) or 2:00(PM) - 3:00(PM)

 *The IMCO/Support Staff training will be held at the Mark Center. This training is only available for designated IMCOs and Support Staff. 

All classes are scheduled using Eastern Standard Time.

***To Register***

Please email the Information Collections Org Box and indicate which training module you wish to register for. Confirmation, along with important visitor information, will be sent from one of our analysts.

Training Descriptions

Webinars (30 minutes - Monthly)

One of our analysts presents on an information collection related topic on a monthly basis. These webinars vary by month and usually focus on what is most relevant at the time. We also take into account what our Action Officers and Information Management Control Officers are asking for and what is pertinent to them. Webinar times can be found in the Newsletter or on this website under “OIM Training Classes.”   

For a link to past webinar presentations, please click here.

Action Officer Training (4 hours - Quarterly)

The perfect course for first time action officers! This 4 hour training module provides a high level overview of both Internal and Public collection processes. Our expert analysts will cover:

  • Identifying collection requirements
  • Approval process and timelines
  • Required package elements to gain approval
  • Renewals and Extensions to remain compliant

IC System Training (2 hours - Quarterly)

The two hours immediately following Action Officer Training are allotted for a detailed walk-through of our Online Submission Portal, Process Generator, and Collection Repository. This all encompassing system (known as the IC System) is a great tool for all DoD users.

SORN, Systems, & Surveys (4 hours - Semi-Annually)

For those who have attended our Action Officer Training, and are familiar with our requirements and processes, this 4 hour training module goes one step further to address our "Special" collection types. During this training, our expert analyst will cover:

  • Reviewing System of Record Notices (SORNs) for collection requirements 
  • Reviewing Electronic Systems for overall compliance, and determining the appropriate level for clearance 
  • Rulemaking and the way this impacts the collection process 
  • Collection instruments that are surveys, and how they differ from other collection instrument types. 
  • Generic Clearances, and how this collection type can save you time!

Information Management Control Officer (IMCO) Training (3 Days - Semi-Annually)

  • Open to Appointed DoD IMCOs and support staff ONLY!
  • A 3 day intensive training that focuses on everything the IMCO will need to know to identify collection requirements; review and process collection packages; and, maintain an active inventory of collections for their respective component.