DoD Information Collections



Public Collections and Rules

Public Collections prescribed in rules are cleared using a slightly different process than normal public collections.

When a Rule prescribes a public information collection, the preamble of the Proposed Rule must include notification that an OMB information collection review has been requested. This notice must include all information normally present within both the 60-Day and the 30-Day Federal Register Notices (number of respondents, number of responses, burden per response, etc.).

When the Proposed Rule is published, DoD must submit an information collection package to OMB for review. The package must contain all normal package documents (Supporting Statement Part A, OMB 83-I, copy of the instrument, etc.). If OMB is satisfied, the information collection portion of the Proposed Rule will be granted a preliminary approval for six months. DoD must submit a new package for OMB’s approval when the Final Rule is submitted for publication and/or when the collection's preliminary approval expires.

The graphic below provides a visual representation of how this process should work.

Public Collections and Rules Graphic

IIC Rulemaking Process