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Internal Related Sites

  • CHARRTS - For more information on Congressional Information Collections (CAC enabled)

  • Military One Source - Contains descriptions and links to important Department of Defense and government quality of life reports and survey results

  • DoD Issuances Program - Information on the DoD Issuance Program, including templates, training information, and a repository of issuances.

  • DoD Forms Management Program - Search and view all DoD forms, including related PRA information.
    (The DoD Forms Program is part of the Office of Information Management as of May 1, 2016)


The DoD Information Collections program oversees the management, control, approval processing, and tracking of DoD Internal and Public Information Collections.

Our goals are to prevent DoD resources from being expended on redundant or obsolete information collections and to reduce the burden DoD imposes on the public.

This program is managed by the Office of Information Management (OIM) -formerly the Information Collections Branch (ICB)- located within Washington Headquarters Services, Executive Services Directorate, Directives Division.

Please explore this site for more information on collection types, the approval processes for both DoD Internal and Public Collections, document templates, and other relevant resources.

PRA Liasions

Elements you may need to carry out your responsibilities as appointed PRA Liaisons