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DD Forms 2000-2499 (updated 4/30/2024)

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If the form number does not have a hyperlink, the form is not available electronically. To obtain hard copies of current forms not available in electronic format, please contact your own Military Service or DoD Component Forms Management Officer. Cancelled forms are not available in electronic formats. Here is a list of Forms Management POCs.

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Title Edition Date Controlled
DD2005 Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Records 6/1/2016 No DHA
DD2017 Route Order Amendment  9/1/2005 No A&S
DD2023 DoD Catalytic Converter Import Control Label  5/1/1976 Yes ARMY
DD2024 DoD Security Classification Guide Data Elements  11/9/2023 No  USD(I&S)
DD2026 Oil Analysis Request  8/1/2014 No NAVY
DD2055 Sanitary Compliance Checklist, Soft Drink Plant  11/1/1976 Yes  ARMY
DD2058 State Of Legal Residence Certificate  1/1/2018 No DFAS
DD2058-1 State Income Tax Exemption Test Certificate 1/1/2018 No DFAS
DD2058-2 Native American State Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate  1/1/2018 No DFAS
DD2060 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Obligational Authority  3/1/1979 No  DFAS
DD2061 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Planning Directive  3/1/1979 No DFAS
DD2062 Record of Preparation and Disposition of Remains (Outside CONUS)  4/1/1984 No  P&R
DD2063 Record of Preparation and Disposition of Remains (Contracted Mortuary Facility) 9/1/2017 No P&R
DD2064 Certificate of Death Overseas  4/1/2019 Yes DHA
DD2065 Disposition of Remains-Reimbursable Basis  11/22/2019 No P&R
DD2081 New Drug Request  7/1/1977 No ARMY
DD2086 Freedom of Information (FOI) Processing Cost 8/8/2019 No WHS
DD2086-1 Freedom of Information (FOI) Processing Cost for Technical Data 7/1/1997 No WHS
DD2086-2 Freedom of Information (FOI) Consultation and Request Summary 7/1/2008 No WHS
DD2088 Statement of Ecclesiastical Endorsement 1/11/2019 No P&R
DD2130-1 C5 Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-2 C-130 E/H/J Load Plan 6/1/2016 No A&S
DD2130-4 C-160 Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-5 DC 10-10/30CF Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-6 KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration)  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-7 KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration)  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-8 DC 8-50 Series F/CF Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-9 DC 8-61/71-63/73F/CF Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-10 DC 8-62CF Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-11 B707-300C Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-12 B747-100F/200C/200F Cargo Manifest  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-13 C-17 Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-14 KC-135 Load Plan  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2130-15 C-130J-30 Load Plan 6/1/2016 No A&S
DD2130C Aircraft Load Plan Continuation 9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2131 Passenger Manifest  8/19/2019 No A&S
DD2133 Joint Airlift Inspection Record/Checklist 6/1/2013 No A&S
DD2138 Request for Transfer of Outpatient Records  1/1/1978 No  AIR FORCE
DD2139 Report of Contract Performance Outside the United States  11/1/2015 No A&S
DD2155 Resident Foreign Language Training, Requirements for  5/1/1978 Yes ARMY
DD2155C Resident Foreign Language Training, Requirements for (Continued)  5/1/1978 Yes ARMY
DD2156 Nonresident Foreign Language Program Training Report  5/1/1978  Yes ARMY
DD2156-1 Nonresident English Language Training (ELT) Report  5/1/1978  Yes ARMY
DD2157 Resident Foreign Language Training, Confirmational of Student Input to  5/1/1978  Yes ARMY
DD2163 Medical Equipment Verification/Certification  3/1/2013 Yes ARMY
DD2164 X-Ray Verification/Certification Worksheet  11/1/1978 No  AIR FORCE
DD2165 Conductivity and Ground Monitor Test Record  11/1/1978 Yes  NAVY
DD2167 Job Phase Calculation Sheet  11/1/1978 Yes  NAVY
DD2168 Application for Discharge of Member or Survivor of Member of Group Certified to Have Performed Active Duty with the Armed Forces of the U.S.  3/1/2021 No P&R
DD2201 Dental Procedures and Services Report  10/1/1979 Yes DHA
DD2208 Rabies Vaccination Certificate  5/1/2008 No ARMY
DD2209 Veterinary Health Certificate  4/1/2009 No ARMY
DD2214 Noise Survey  1/1/2000 No P&R
DD2214C Noise Survey Continuation Sheet  1/1/2000 No P&R
DD2215 Reference Audiogram  1/1/2000 No P&R
DD2216 Hearing Conservation Data  1/1/2000 No P&R
DD2217 Biological Audiometer Calibration Check  1/1/2000 No P&R
DD2220 Department of Defense Registered Vehicle  5/1/2004 Yes ARMY
DD2239 Medical Care and Transportation in the Aeromedical Evacuation System, Consent for  6/1/1980 Yes  AIR FORCE
DD2249 Pentagon Facilities Access Enrollment Form 3/14/2023 Yes PFPA
DD2257 Designation/Termination MPC-FPC-COPE-PFO  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD2258 Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions  1/1/1982 No  ARMY
DD2259 Report of Audit of Postal Accounts  1/1/1982 No  ARMY
DD2260 Unit Mail-Clerk/Orderly Designation Log  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD2261 Registered Mail - Balance and Inventory  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD2262 Receptacle Record  6/1/2000 No ARMY
DD2263 Mailing Address/Combination Notice 1/1/1982 No  ARMY
DD2266 Hometown News Release Information  6/1/1995 No  AIR FORCE
DD2267 Aeromedical Evacuation - Medical Record  11/1/1981 Yes  AIR FORCE
DD2268 Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Batch Transmittal  6/1/1987 No  DHA
DD2271 Decontamination Tag  11/1/1982 Yes ARMY
DD2273 Irregularities in Makeup and Dispatch of Mail  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD2275-1 National Security Council Information/Top Secret Cover  3/1/1982 Yes USD(I&S)
DD2275-2 National Security Council Information/Secret Cover  3/1/1982 Yes USD(I&S)
DD2275-3 National Security Council Information/Confidential Cover  3/1/1982 Yes USD(I&S)
DD2278 Application for Personally Procured Move and Counseling Checklist  7/1/2021 No A&S
DD2282(Yellow) Reinspection Decal Convention for Safe Containers (2024) (Stocked & Issued by Department of the Army (SDDC))  4/21/2021 Yes ARMY
DD2285 Invitational Travel Order (ITO) for International Military Student (IMS)  7/1/1995 No  DSCA
DD2292 Request for Appointment or Renewal of Appointment of Expert or Consultant or Advisory Board Member 1/1/2023 No WHS
DD2293 Application for Former Spouse Payments from Retired Pay  4/1/2018 No DFAS
DD2322 Dental Laboratory Work Authorization  4/1/2009 No NAVY
DD2325 Radiological Response Capability Report  10/1/2002 No DTRA
DD2326 Preservation and Packing Data  9/1/1997 No NAVY
DD2327 Aircraft Utilization Plan, Unit
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2/1/1984 No ARMY
DD2327C Aircraft Utilization Plan, Unit (Continuation)  2/1/1984 No  ARMY
DD2328 Aircraft Utilization Summary  3/1/1989 No  ARMY
DD2329 Record of Trial by Summary Court-Martial  4/1/2020 No ARMY
DD2330 Waiver/Withdrawal of Appellate Rights in General and Special Courts-Martial Subject to Review by a Court of Military Review 1/14/2019 No ARMY
DD2331 Waiver/Withdrawal of Appellate Rights in General Courts-Martial Subject to Examination in the Office of the Judge Advocate General 7/1/2016 No ARMY
DD2332 Product Quality Deficiency Report Exhibit  1/1/1999 No DLA
DD2335 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician Credentials (Stocked & Issued by USNORTHCOM JEOD VIPPSA)  8/1/2011 Yes USD(P)
DD2338-1 Inventory Control Effectiveness (Ice) Report Ammunition  10/1/2000 No DLA
DD2338-2 Inventory Control Effectiveness (Ice) Report General Supplies  10/1/2000 No DLA
DD2341 Report of Animal Bite - Potential Rabies Exposure 6/1/2015 No DHA
DD2342 Animal Facility Sanitation Checklist  8/1/2013 No ARMY
DD2343 Veterinary Health Record  8/1/2013 No ARMY
DD2344 Veterinary Treatment Record  11/1/1984 No ARMY
DD2345 Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement 10/1/2022 No DLA
DD2349 NOTAM Control Log  8/1/1990 No AIR FORCE
DD2357 Hazardous Component Safety Data Statement (HCSDS)  4/1/1999 No A&S
DD2365 DoD Expeditionary Civilian Agreement: Emergency-Essential Positions and Non-Combat Essential Positions  8/1/2017 No P&R
DD2365-1 DoD Expeditionary Civilian Agreement: Capability-Based Volunteer  8/1/2017 No P&R
DD2366 Montgomery GI Bill Act of 1984 (MGIB)(Chapter 30, Title 38 U.S. Code) Basic Enrollment 9/1/2022 No P&R
DD2366-1 Montgomery GI Bill Act of 1984 (MGIB), Increased Benefit Contribution Program  9/1/2022 No P&R
DD2366-2 Montgomery GI Bill Act of 1984 (MGIB), Transferability Program  6/1/2002 No P&R
DD2367 Individual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Report 1/29/2024 No P&R
DD2384-1 Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)  1/1/2014 Yes P&R
DD2384-2 Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) Kicker Obligation Agreement 1/1/2014 Yes P&R
DD2385 Microbiological Quality History Record  2/1/1995 No  ARMY
DD2388 DoD Mail Bag Label  6/1/1985 Yes A&S
DD2393 Destination Verification Inspection of Standard/Variable Net Weight Items  12/1/1988 No DLA
DD2400 Civil Aircraft Certificate of Insurance  5/21/2021 No AIR FORCE
DD2401 Civil Aircraft Landing Permit  5/21/2021 No AIR FORCE
DD2402 Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement  5/21/2021 No AIR FORCE
DD2406 Miscellaneous Obligation Document  10/1/1985 No ARMY
DD2408 Defense Distinguished Service Medal Certificate  3/1/2018 Yes P&R
DD2409 Defense Medal Citation 1/5/2022 Yes P&R
DD2410 Defense Superior Service Medal Certificate  3/1/2018 Yes P&R
DD2412 Defense Meritorious Service Medal Certificate  3/1/2018 Yes P&R
DD2413 Joint Service Commendation Medal Certificate  3/1/2018 Yes P&R
DD2414 Joint Service Achievement Medal Certificate  3/1/2018 Yes P&R
DD2461 Authorization for Emergency Evacuation Advance and Allotment Payments for DoD Civilian Employees  3/1/2000 No P&R
DD2463 California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Analysis  12/1/1999 No ARMY
DD2464 Report of Foundation and Borrow Investigation  12/1/1999 No ARMY
DD2475 DoD Educational Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Annual Application 12/1/2017 No P&R
DD2477-1 Shelf-Life Extension Notice (11" X 8")  7/7/2023 No DLA
DD2477-2 Shelf-Life Extension Notice (5" X 3")  7/7/2023 No DLA
DD2477-3 Shelf-Life Extension Notice (3" X 1")  7/7/2023 No DLA
DD2479 Barge Ullage  9/30/2022 No DLA
DD2481 Request for Recovery of Debt Due the United States by Salary Offset  4/1/2006 No DFAS
DD2482 Venom Extract Prescription  3/1/1986 Yes  ARMY
DD2491 Department of Defense Armed Forces Pest Management Board Accreditation of Competency  11/1/2002 No A&S
DD2493-1 Asbestos Exposure Part I - Initial Medical Questionnaire  1/1/2000 No A&S
DD2493-2 Asbestos Exposure Part II - Periodic Medical Questionnaire  1/1/2000 No A&S
DD2495 Official Mail Manager's Inspection Checklist 7/1/2006 No A&S
DD2496 International Student Academic Report  2/1/1996 No AIR FORCE
DD2497 Carrier Evaluation Worksheet/Report  9/1/1998 No A&S
DD2498 Dependents of Active Duty Military Personnel and Dependents of US Citizen Civilian Employees, Report of  9/1/1999 No P&R
DD2499 Health Care Provider Action Report  2/1/2000 No DHA