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Issuance #Issuance DateIssuance SubjectCH #CH DateEXP DateOPR
AI 110/19/2006Telecommunications Service for National Capital Region   WHS
AI 22/22/2012Employment of Experts and ConsultantsCH 14/20/2017 WHS
AI 812/16/2016Disciplinary and Adverse Actions   WHS
AI 911/6/2013Processing Complaints of DiscriminationCH 17/6/2017 WHS
AI 155/3/2013OSD Records and Information Management ProgramCH 14/19/2017 WHS
AI 1711/23/2015Civilian Employee Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Testing, and Control ProgramCH 14/13/2017 WHS
AI 2312/20/2006Personnel Security Program and Civilian Personnel Suitability Investigation Program   WHS
AI 273/10/2011Control of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Classified DocumentsCH 14/13/2017 WHS
AI 281/5/2011Overtime, Prescribed Hours of Duty, and Alternative Work Schedules for Civilian EmployeesCH 112/16/2016 WHS
AI 298/10/2018Incentive and Honorary Awards Program   CMO


AI 306/26/2009Force Protection of the Pentagon ReservationCH 29/27/20126/26/2019PFPA,CMO


AI 318/19/2013Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity ProgramsCH 17/6/2017 WHS
AI 3312/17/2015Merit Promotion PlanCH 15/2/2017 WHS
AI 353/7/2011Probationary Period for Newly Appointed Managers and SupervisorsCH 14/19/2017 WHS
AI 3710/27/2006Employee Grievances   WHS
AI 407/19/2017Employee Learning and Development   WHS
AI 455/19/2017Employment of Retired Members of the U.S. Armed Forces   WHS
AI 505/20/2015Historical Research in the Files of the Office of the Secretary of DefenseCH 14/14/2017 WHS
AI 584/15/2008Printing and Reproduction ServicesCH 17/6/2017 WHS

AI 65

8/8/2014Restrictions on the Employment of RelativesCH 14/14/2017 WHS
AI 6712/30/2011Leave AdministrationCH 12/21/2017 WHS
AI 6810/5/2007Washington Headquarters Services Issuance of Building CircularsCH 17/17/2017 WHS
AI 715/19/2015Reduction in Force   WHS
AI 721/13/2014Welfare and Recreation Association of OSD, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff, and the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)CH 14/13/2017 WHS
AI 8111/20/2009OSD/Joint Staff (JS) Privacy ProgramCH 14/20/2017 WHS
AI 8212/22/2006OSD Senior and Junior Enlisted Members of the Year   WHS
AI 8611/12/2014OSD Forms Management Program   ESD, WHS
AI 888/26/2009Pentagon Reservation Vehicle Parking Program   PFPA, CMO 703-697-2421
AI 9410/19/2007Personal Property Management and AccountabilityCH 27/17/2017 WHS
AI 998/25/2011Labor-management RelationsCH 14/13/2017 WHS
AI 1006/7/2010Gifts from Foreign GovernmentsCH 15/12/2017 WHS
AI 1017/20/2012Personnel and Data Management Information Reporting Policies and Procedures for Implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA)CH 14/19/2017 WHS
AI 10211/6/2006Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Federal Register (FR) SystemCH 13/5/2007 WHS

AI 103


Exhibits, Artwork, and Signs on the Pentagon Reservation

CH 17/17/2017 


AI 1059/20/2016OSD Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program   WHS
AI 1061/30/2014Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ProgramCH 14/13/2017 WHS
AI 1086/23/2016OSD and Joint Staff (JS) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ProgramCH 14/14/2017 ESD, WHS
AI 1093/31/2011Use of Motor Transportation and Scheduled DoD Shuttle Service in the Pentagon AreaCH 15/22/2017 WHS
AI 11112/2/2010Component Emergency Response on the Pentagon Reservation   PFPA, CMO


AI 1125/18/2011Washington Headquarters Services Fire Regulations (WHSFRs)CH 15/8/2017 WHS
AI 11312/19/2012Operation and Management of the Pentagon Heliport  12/19/2022CMO
AI 11410/24/2013Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with DisabilitiesCH 14/4/2017 WHS
AI 1158/13/2014DoD Concessions Committee (DoDCC)CH 15/10/2017 CMO


AI O-11610/21/2014Post-balanced Survivability Assessment (P-BSA) Program
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   CMO 703-614-8888
AI 1173/31/2015Telework ProgramCH 14/19/2017 CMO

AI 118


Civilian Employees Occupational Health and Medical Services Program

CH 15/4/2017 


AI 1199/9/2016Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments   CMO
AI 1205/9/2017Proper Use of Non-DoD Contracts and Interagency Acquisitions   CMO

  • Issuance # = issuance number
  • CH. # = change number listed on the issuance
  • CH. Date = change date listed on the issuance
  • Exp. Date = expiration date listed on the issuance
  • Related Memo = related memorandum
  • OPR = office of primary responsibility (contact with questions about the issuance)