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DD Forms 1500 - 1999 (updated 09/27/2018)

Form Availability

If the form number does not have a hyperlink, the form is not available electronically. To obtain hard copies of current forms not available in electronic format, please contact your own Military Service or DoD Component Forms Management Officer. Cancelled forms are not available in electronic formats. Here is a list of Forms Management POCs.

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Title Edition Date Controlled
DD1502 Frozen Medical Materiel Shipment 4/1/2002 No DLA
DD1502N Notice for Frozen Medical Materiel Shipments 6/1/2017 No DLA
DD1502-1 Chilled Medical Materiel Shipment 4/1/2002 No DLA
DD1502-1N Notice for Chilled Medical Materiel Shipments 6/1/2017 No DLA
DD1502-2 Limited Unrefrigerated Medical Materiel Shipment 4/1/2002 Yes DLA
DD1502-2N Notice for Limited Unrefrigerated Medical Materiel Shipments 6/1/2017 No DLA
DD1503 Message Correction Notice 2/1/1979   ARMY
DD1523 Military Family Housing Justification  11/1/1990 No AT&L
DD1532 Pest Management Report  8/1/1996 No AT&L
DD1532-1 Pest Management Maintenance Record  8/1/1996 No AT&L
DD1540 Scientific and Technical Information Services, Registration for  11/1/2007 No AT&L
DD1544 Cash Meal Payment Book  5/1/1976   ARMY
DD1547 Record of Weighted Guidelines Application  7/1/2002 No AT&L
DD1553 Entry for a Photography Contest  8/1/1983 No ARMY
DD1561 Statement to Substantiate Payment of Family Separation Allowance (FSA) 12/1/2017
DD1562 Dual Purpose Engineering Document Card  6/1/1966 No AT&L
DD1572 Test Log DANTES and Others  10/1/2009 No P&R
DD1574 Serviceable Tag - Materiel  10/1/1988   ARMY
DD1574-1 Serviceable Label - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1575 Suspended Tag - Materiel  10/1/1966 Yes ARMY
DD1575-1 Suspended Label - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1576 Test/Modification Tag - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1576-1 Test/Modification Label - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1577 Unserviceable (Condemned) Tag - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1577-1 Unserviceable (Condemned) Label - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1577-2 Unserviceable (Reparable) Tag - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1577-3 Unserviceable (Reparable) Label - Materiel  10/1/1966   ARMY
DD1586 Contract Funds Status Report  8/1/1996 No AT&L
DD1587 Record of Congressional Transcript Review 4/1/2016 No WHS
DD1588 Record of Travel Payments  1/1/1967 No ARMY
DD1593 Contract Administration Completion Record  4/1/1969   AT&L
DD1594 Contract Completion Statement  2/1/1970   AT&L
DD1597 Contract Closeout Check-List  4/1/2000 No AT&L
DD1598 Contract Termination Status Report  1/1/2001 No AT&L
DD1602 Visit - U.S. Personnel in Foreign Penal Institutions, Report of  8/1/1978 No GC, DoD
DD1607 Homeowners Assistance, Application for  12/1/2010 No AT&L
DD1608 Unsatisfactory Materiel Report (Subsistence) 8/1/1996 No DLA
DD1610 Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DoD Personnel  5/1/2003 No P&R
DD1613 Pilot's Compass Correction Card  7/1/1967 Yes ARMY
DD1614 Request/Authorization for DoD Civilian Permanent Duty or Temporary Change of Station (TCS) Travel  5/1/2003 No P&R
DD1616 Department of Defense (DoD) Transportation Agreement Transfer of Professional School Personnel Outside CONUS (OCONUS)  11/1/1999 No P&R
DD1617 Department of Defense (DoD) Transportation Agreement Transfer of Civilian Employees Outside CONUS (OCONUS)  11/1/1999 No P&R
DD1618 Department of Defense (DoD) Transportation Agreement Transfer of Civilian Employees to and within Continental United States  11/1/1999 No P&R
DD1626 Veterinary Necropsy Report  10/1/2001 No ARMY
DD1635 Plant Clearance Case Register  1/1/1968   AT&L
DD1637 Notice of Acceptance of Inventory Schedules  6/1/2003 No AT&L
DD1638 Report of Disposition of Contractor Inventory  10/1/1986   AT&L
DD1639 Scrap Warranty 1/1/2016 No AT&L
DD1640 Request for Plant Clearance 1/1/2016 No AT&L
DD1641 Disposal Determination Approval  4/1/2000 No AT&L
DD1643 Program Element Definitions  3/1/1978   COMP
DD1650 Ammunition Data Card  8/1/1996 No ARMY
DD1653 Transportation Data for Solicitations  4/1/1999 No AT&L
DD1654 Evaluation of Transportation Cost Factors  4/1/1999 No AT&L
DD1659 Application for U.S. Government Shipping Documentation/Instructions  9/1/2007 No AT&L
DD1660 Management Systems Summary List  3/1/1971   COMP
DD1671 Reweigh of Personal Property  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1685 Data Exchange and/or Proposed Revision of Catalog Data  8/1/1993   DLA
DD1692 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 1 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692/2 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 2 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692/3 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 3 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692/4 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 4 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692/5 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Page 5 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692/6 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) (Hardware), Page 6 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692/7 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) (Software), Page 7 (Instructions) 1/1/2018 No NAVY
DD1692C Engineering Change Proposal (ECP), Continuation Page  5/1/2015 No NAVY
DD1694 Request for Variance (RFV)  4/1/2017 No NAVY
DD1694C Request for Variance (RFV), Continuation Sheet 5/1/2015 No NAVY
DD1694-INST Instructions for Preparation of Request for Variance Utilizing DD Form 1694 4/1/2017    
DD1695 Notice of Revision (NOR)  4/1/2017 No NAVY
DD1695C Notice of Revision (NOR), Continuation Sheet  5/1/2015 No NAVY
DD1695-INST Instructions for Preparation of Notice of Revision DD Form 1695 4/1/2017    
DD1696 Specification Change Notice (SCN)  4/1/2017 No NAVY
DD1696C Specification Change Notice (SCN), Continuation Sheet 5/1/2015 No NAVY
DD1696-INST Instructions for Preparation of Specification Change Notices Utilizing DD Form 1696 4/1/2017    
DD1697 Circuit Parameter Test Data - Analog  2/1/1989   DISA
DD1697-1 Circuit Parameter Test Data - Digital  12/1/2002 No DISA
DD1700 Master Clock Log  1/1/1969   DISA
DD1705 Reimbursement for Real Estate Sale and/or Purchase Closing Cost Expenses  10/1/2002 No P&R
DD1714 Product Verification Record  6/1/1969   ARMY
DD1716 Contract Data Package Recommendation/Deficiency Report  12/1/1977 No DLA
DD1718 Certification of Qualified Products  9/17/2018 No AT&L
DD1719 Voluntary Education Program Report, DoD  2/1/2000 No P&R
DD1721 Space Test Program Flight Request  9/1/2006 No AIR FORCE
DD1721-1 Space Test Program Flight Request Executive Summary  9/1/2006 No AIR FORCE
DD1721-2 Space Test Program After Action Report  9/1/2006 No AIR FORCE
DD1722 Request for Trial Before Military Judge Alone 10/1/1984   ARMY
DD1723 Flow Process Chart  9/1/1976   P&R
DD1724 Work Distribution Chart  9/1/1976   P&R
DD1740 Food Inspection Stamp Record  1/1/2000 No ARMY
DD1741 Military Working Animal Immunization Record  6/1/2013   ARMY
DD1743 Death Certificate of a Military Animal 6/1/2013 No ARMY
DD1745 Animal Euthanasia  6/1/2013 No ARMY
DD1746 Application for Assignment to Housing  9/1/1993 No AT&L
DD1747 Status of Housing Availability  9/1/1993 No AT&L
DD1748 Joint Airdrop Inspection Record (Platforms)  11/1/1997 No ARMY
DD1748-1 Joint Airdrop Inspection Record (Containers)  11/1/1997 No ARMY
DD1748-2 Airdrop Malfunction Report (Personnel-Cargo)  11/1/1997 No ARMY
DD1748-3 Joint Airdrop Summary Report  11/1/1997 No ARMY
DD1750 Packing List  9/1/1970   ARMY
DD1753 Master Station Log  9/1/1970   DISA
DD1754 Intercept Log  2/1/1996 No DISA
DD1755 Alternate Routing Record  3/1/2000 No DISA
DD1756 ASC Equipment Outage Log  9/1/1970   DISA
DD1757 ASC Recovery Record  2/1/1996 No DISA
DD1758 ASC Disc Failure Report  3/1/2000 No DISA
DD1767 Tracer Log  9/1/1970   DISA
DD1769 ASC General Message Log  9/1/1970   DISA
DD1770 ASC On-line & Off-line Work Request  9/1/1970   DISA
DD1772 Magnetic Disc Library Transaction Record and Perpetual History  3/1/1988   DISA
DD1776 ASC Circuit Status Log  5/1/1974   DISA
DD1778 Work Request Control Log, On-line and Off-line  9/1/1970   DISA
DD1780 Shipment Evaluation and Inspection Record  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1786 Military Handbook 300  8/1/1996 No NAVY
DD1789 Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Evaluation 2/1/1986   ARMY
DD1790 Prepared Congressional Testimony Review 4/1/2016 No WHS
DD1791 Phased Provisioning Availability Schedule  3/1/1971   AT&L
DD1793 Determination of Asphalt Content  2/1/1971 No ARMY
DD1794 Grain-Size Analysis (Hydrometer Method)  12/1/1999 No ARMY
DD1795 Combined Mechanical Analysis (Sedimentation Test)  2/1/1971 No ARMY
DD1796 Receipt for Unaccompanied Baggage  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1797 Personal Property Counseling Checklist  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1799 Member's Report on Carrier Performance - Mobile Homes  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1800 Mobile Home Inspection Record  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1801 International Flight Plan, DoD  5/1/1987   AIR FORCE
DD1811 Pre-Award Survey of Contractor's/Carrier's Facilities and Equipment  6/1/1979 No ARMY
DD1812 Warehouse Inspection Report  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1814 Carrier Notice of Warning/Suspension  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1821 Contractor Crewmember Record  8/1/1996 No AIR FORCE
DD1823 Visit Authorization, Request for  3/1/1988 No POL
DD1823C Visit Authorization, Request for (Continuation)  3/1/1988 No POL
DD1826 Pest Control Certificate of Competency  3/1/1977 Yes AT&L
DD1826-1 Pesticide Applicator  11/1/1980   AT&L
DD1829 Record of Military Dog Physical Examination 10/1/1971   ARMY
DD1832 Revision/Reprint Notice  10/1/1971 Yes AIR FORCE
DD1833-Test(V2) Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP)  5/1/2008 No USJFCOM
DD1834 Military Working Dog Service Record  10/1/2017 No AIR FORCE
DD1839 Baggage Identification  9/1/1980   AIR FORCE
DD1840 Joint Statement of Loss or Damage At Delivery  1/1/1988 No AT&L
DD1840R Notice of Loss or Damage  1/1/1988 No AT&L
DD1841 Government Inspection Report  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1842 Claim for Loss of or Damage to Personal Property Incident to Service  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD1843 Demand on Carrier/Contractor  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD1844 List of Property and Claim Analysis Chart  5/1/2000 No ARMY
DD1848 Sensitive Compartmented Information Debriefing Memorandum  1/1/1983   DIA
DD1853 Verification of Reserve Status for Travel Eligibility  10/1/1999 No AT&L
DD1857 Temporary Commercial Storage At Government Expense  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1861 Contract Facilities Capital Cost of Money  8/1/2004 No AT&L
DD1862 Cargo Code Sheet - MSC Sealift Transportation Requirements  8/1/1977   NAVY
DD1863 Accessorial Services-Mobile Home  9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD1870 Nomination for Appointment to the United States Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy  9/1/2005 No AIR FORCE
DD1896 DoD Fuel Identaplate  3/1/1973 No DLA
DD1898 Energy Sale Slip  7/1/2008 Yes DLA
DD1898-D Alternate US DoD or Federal Civil Fuel Customer Billing Information 6/1/2010 No DLA
DD1898-E Energy Sale Slip (Electronic)  1/1/2015 No DLA
DD1898-F Alternate Foreign Government and Commercial Fuel Customer Billing Information 6/1/2010 No DLA
DD1907 Signature and Tally Record  10/1/2010 No AT&L
DD1910 Clearance Request for Public Release of Department of Defense Information 4/1/2016 No WHS
DD1911 Materiel Courier Receipt  4/1/2010 No DTRA
DD1918 Federal Wage System - Establishment Information  7/1/2009 No P&R
DD1919 Federal Wage System - Wage Data Collection  7/1/2009 No P&R
DD1919C Federal Wage System - Wage Data Collection (Continuation)  7/1/2009 No P&R
DD1920 Alcohol Incident Report  11/1/2004 No ARMY
DD1921 Cost Data Summary Report  5/1/2011 No CAPE
DD1921-1 Functional Cost-Hour Report  5/1/2011 No CAPE
DD1921-2 Progress Curve Report  5/1/2011 No CAPE
DD1921-3 Contractor Business Data Report  5/1/2011 No CAPE
DD1921-4 Contractor Sustainment Report  4/1/2012 No CAPE
DD1921-5 Sustainment Functional Cost-Hour Report 12/1/2015 No CAPE
DD1924 Surgical Checklist  10/1/1993   AIR FORCE
DD1926 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Civil Support Release and Reimbursement Agreement  9/1/1973   NAVY
DD1927 Film Can Label (Green)  11/1/1973   DIA
DD1928 Film Can Label (Red)  11/1/1973   DIA
DD1929 Film Can Label (Yellow)  11/1/1973   DIA
DD1933 Data Collector Identification, DoD (Stocked & Issued by OUSD(P&R))  2/1/2000 Yes P&R
DD1934 Geneva Conventions Identity Card for Medical and Religious Personnel Who Serve in or Accompany the Armed Forces  7/1/1974 Yes P&R
DD1936 Individual Case Report - Exercise of Criminal Jurisdiction by Foreign Tribunals Over U.S. Personnel  4/1/1974 No ARMY
DD1944 Equipment Certification - Type A  8/1/1975   AIR FORCE
DD1945 Defective Power Outlet  6/1/1974   AIR FORCE
DD1947-1 Release Authorization for Military Earnings Information  9/1/1982   COMP
DD1949-1 LSAR Data Selection Sheet (part 1, p. 1-5), (part 1, p. 6-9), (part 1, p. 10-13), & (part 2) 8/1/1996 No AT&L
DD1949-3 Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) Data Requirements:  8/1/1992   AT&L
DD1952 Dosimeter Application and Record of Occupational Radiation Exposure  9/1/2011 No ARMY
DD1966 Record of Military Processing - Armed Forces of the United States  9/1/2014 No P&R
DD1970 Motor Equipment Utilization Record  11/1/1999 No AT&L
DD1972 Joint Tactical Air Strike Request  4/1/2003 No JCS
DD1995 Visual Information (VI) Production Request and Report  4/1/1998 No ASD(PA)