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DD Forms 500 - 999 (updated 8/21/2017)

Form Availability

If the form number does not have a hyperlink, the form is not available electronically. To obtain hard copies of current forms not available in electronic format, please contact your own Military Service or DoD Component Forms Management Officer. Cancelled forms are not available in electronic formats. Here is a list of Forms Management POCs.

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Title Edition Date Controlled
DD503 Health Assessment Certificate for Segregation  3/1/2013 No P&R
DD504 Request and Receipt for Health and Comfort Supplies 3/1/2013 No P&R
DD506 Daily Strength Record of Prisoners 3/1/2013 No P&R
DD509 Inspection Record of Prisoner in Segregation 3/1/2013 No P&R
DD510 Prisoner Request 3/1/2013 No P&R
DD512 Installation Custody Agreement 3/1/2013 No P&R
DD515 Roster of Prisoners 3/1/2013 No P&R
DD518 Accident Identification Card 10/1/1978 No AIR FORCE
DD551 Record of Interment 8/1/1984   ARMY
DD553 Deserter/Absentee Wanted by the Armed Forces 3/1/2015 No P&R
DD553-1 Parole/Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR) Violator Wanted By the Armed Forces 4/1/2013 No P&R
DD562 Request for Information Technology (IT) Goods and Services 2/1/2003 No WHS
DD562-1 Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) Request for Information Technology (IT) Services  11/1/2002 No WHS
DD565 Statement of Recognition of Deceased 8/1/2015 No P&R
DD567 Record of Search and Recovery  8/1/2015 No P&R
DD572 Blood Donation Record 2/1/1993   ASD(HA)
DD573 Shipping Inventory of Blood Products 11/1/1981   ASD(HA)
DD577 Appointment/Termination Record - Authorized Signature 11/1/2014 No DFAS
DD579 Receipt for Property, Temporary 10/1/1961   ARMY
DD592 Payroll for Personal Services Certification and Summary 9/1/1970   ARMY
DD592-2 Payroll for Personal Services (Continuation Sheet) 10/1/1951 No ARMY
DD600 Patient's Baggage Tag 7/1/1973   ASD(HA)
DD603-1 War Souvenir Registration/Authorization 5/1/2007 No AT&L
DD610 Government Furnished Equipment Requirement Schedule 8/1/1996 No AIR FORCE
DD616 Report of Return of Absentee  12/1/1999 No P&R
DD619 Statement of Accessorial Services Performed 5/1/2008 No AT&L
DD619-1 Statement of Accessorial Services Performed (Storage-In-Transit Delivery and Reweigh) 5/1/2008 No AT&L
DD626 Motor Vehicle Inspection (Transporting Hazardous Material) 10/1/2011 No AT&L
DD645A Foreign Military Sales Billing Statement 6/1/1978   DSCA
DD651 Carrier's Report of Vehicle Damage or Breakdown 8/1/1969 No ARMY
DD652 Uniformed Services Meal Ticket 5/1/1978   ARMY
DD675 Receipt for Records and Patients Property 10/1/1974   ASD(HA)
DD689 Individual Sick Slip 8/1/2017 No ARMY
DD691 Application for Priority Rating for Production or Construction Equipment, Department of Defense 5/1/2005 No AT&L
DD707 Deposits, Report of 3/1/1953   DECA
DD708 Inventory Adjustment Monetary Account 8/1/1986   DECA
DD714 Meal Card 10/1/1981   ARMY
DD730 Receipt for Unused Transportation Requests and/or Tickets, Including Unused Meal Tickets 11/1/1984   ARMY
DD753 Travel Distance, Official 3/1/1963   COMP
DD754 Repair Tag 1/1/2013 No ARMY
DD771 Eyewear Prescription 7/1/1996 No ASD(HA)
DD785 Officer Candidate-Type Training, Record of Disenrollment from 6/1/1968   ARMY
DD788 Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Automobile 9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD788-1 Private Vehicle Shipping Document for Van 9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD788-2 PrivateVehicle Shipping Document for Motorcycle 9/1/1998 No AT&L
DD791 DoD In-Flight Issue Log 12/1/2002 No DLA
DD792 Nursing Service - Twenty-Four Hour Patient Intake and Output Worksheet 1/1/1974   ASD(HA)
DD804 Recruiting Resources Summary Report 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-1 Enlisted Recruiting Manpower Data 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-2 Officer Recruiting Manpower Data 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-3 Medical Recruiting Manpower Data 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-4 Enlisted Recruiting Advertising Resources 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-5 Officer Recruiting Advertising Resources 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-6 Medical Recruiting Advertising Resources 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-7 Enlistment Examining Personnel Data 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD804-8 Enlistment Examining Support Costs 6/1/2000 No P&R
DD805 Storage Space Management Report 10/1/1999 No AT&L
DD818 DoD Issuance Coordination Response (Download Zip File) 8/1/2016 No WHS
DD818-1 Consolidated DoD Issuance Comment Matrix 9/1/2016 No WHS
DD827 Arrears in Pay, Application For 3/1/1985 No DFAS
DD838 Criminal Jurisdiction by Foreign Tribunals Over U.S. Personnel, Exercise of 9/1/1978   GC, DoD
DD843 Requisition For< Printing and Binding Service 7/1/1955   WHS
DD844 Requisition For< Local Duplicating Service 2/1/1989   WHS
DD862 Daily Inspection Worksheet for Diesel Electric Locomotives and Locomotive Cranes 5/1/1994   ARMY
DD870 Request for Fiscal Information Concerning Transportation Requests, Bill of Landing and Meal Tickets 2/1/1987 No ARMY
DD877 Medical/Dental Records or Information, Request For 9/1/1967   ASD(HA)
DD877-1 Request for Medical/Dental Records from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) (St. Louis, Missouri) 4/1/1998 No ARMY
DD878 Military Mail Dispatched  11/1/1968   ARMY
DD879 Statement of Compliance 4/1/1998 No AT&L
DD882 Report of Inventions and Subcontracts 7/1/2005 No AT&L
DD884 Application For Transportation of Dependents 11/1/2010 No AT&L
DD885 Money Order Control Record 12/1/1955   ARMY