DoD Information Collections



DoD Internal Collections Overview

All DoD internal information collections must be licensed with a Report Control Symbol (RCS). A responding component should not participate in or respond to an internal information collection request that does not have an Active RCS.

  • Report Control Symbols with 4 Letters at the end are not yet approved. An RCS will receive a 4 digit serial number only once it has been approved by OIM.
  • Report Control Symbols are normally valid for five (5) years, or three (3) years if linked to a Public Collection.

List of Active DoD Internal Collections

Report Control Symbol Structure

IIC Collection Overview

Internal Collection Document Templates

Below are templates and helpful guidance for completing required (but not all) internal information collection package elements:

Required Documents

  • Cost Estimate Summary - CAPE Report [CAC Enabled]

    • Download the CAPE Report for guidance on using the CAPE Portal

  • DD Form 2936

  • Office of People Analytics Supporting Statement and Approval Memorandum

    • The OPA justification statement and approval memorandum are required for all internal collection requests