DoD Information Collections



Graphic for IC Approval Process

Internal Collections Approval Process


Stage 1: Requirement Determination and Initiation


  • 1 A. OIM reviews Documents for Internal Information Collection Requirements

  • 1 B. AO, IMCO, OPA and OIM adjudicate any questions or comments

Stage 2: Completing the Cost Estimate / CAPE


  • 2 A. AO Completes a Cost Estimate Summary on the CAPE website and generates DD-2936

Stage 3: Package Preparation and Obtaining Mandatory Coordinators' Approval


  • 3 A. AO Prepares Coordination Package (includes prescribing document, Justification Statement, Collection Instrument, and Cost Estimate)

  • 3 B. IMCO Reviews Package and Confirms the Mandatory Coordinators Required

  • 3 C. AO Obtains and Uploads Mandatory Coordinators’ Approval

Stage 4: Obtaining Respondent Coordination


  • 4 A. AO Generates Summary Sheet (new package document) and sends to Required Requesting Component Official for Signature

  • 4 B. AO Obtains and Uploads Respondent Coordination Concurrences

  • 4 C. IMCO reviews the Completed Package and sends to OIM and OPA for review

Stage 5: OIM Review and Licensing


  • 5 A. OIM Analyst Reviews Package (also adjudicates questions / comments with AO and / or IMCO if necessary)

  • 5 B. DoD IC Officer Approves Collection

  • 5 C. OIM Generates Report Control Symbol (RCS), activates the license to the Active Internal Collection List, and Notifies AO & IMCO