DoD Information Collections



Internal Information Collections & Issuances

OIM Analysts read every DoD Issuance at the Pre-coordination stage to identify new and existing information collection requirements. If an information collection requirement is identified in an issuance, Action Officers will be notified by an information collections paragraph in Enclosure 1 of the issuance, comments throughout the issuance, and a follow-up email from OIM after the issuance is released by the Editor, all during the Pre-Coordination Stage.

Milestones & Caveats to these Processes

  • Issuances that have internal information collection requirements must have their associated costs, taken from the CAPE Report, in Section 8 of the SD 106 before Formal Coordination.
  • Internal information collections found in / processed through the issuance process are not required to go through Respondent coordination.
  • OIM must receive a completed Internal information collection package to review by the associated issuance's Legal Sufficiency Review (LSR)

DoD Internal Information Collection Approval Process (Graphic)