DoD Information Collections

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The first four digits (0701) identify to which Component the collection belongs. The last four (0100) identify the specific collection belonging to that Component. In the above example, this would be the 100th collection belonging to the Department of the Air Force.

The complete list of OMB Control Number prefixes for DoD and their respective Components is listed below:

  • 0701 - Air Force
  • 0702 - Army
  • 0703 - Navy
  • 0704 - Most OSD Components
  • 0710 - Army Corps of Engineers
  • 0720 - Defense Health Agency
  • 0730 - Comptroller
  • 0790 - Rule-Related collections for OSD (rare)

Public Collections Overview

All DoD information collections from members of the public must be approved by OMB and assigned an OMB Control Number. OMB Control Numbers must be displayed prominently on the collection instrument along with its associated expiration date.

In most circumstance, OMB Control Numbers are valid for 3 years. When an OMB Control Number nears expiration, DoD must reapply for OMB's approval or cancel the collection in order to prevent violations of the Paperwork Reduction Act.