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DoD Directives (updated 12/8/2017)

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Issuance #Issuance DateIssuance SubjectCH. #CH. DateEXP. DateRelated Memo.OPR
DoDD 1000.209/11/1989Active Duty Service Determinations for Civilian or Contractual Groups    USD(P&R)
DoDD 1000.21E10/20/2009DoD Passport and Passport Agent ServicesCH 26/21/2017  CMO 703-601-6128
DoDD 1000.26E2/2/2007Support for Non-Federal Entities Authorized To Operate on DoD Installations     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1005.132/19/2002Gifts and Decorations from Foreign GovernmentsCH 112/6/2002  CMO
DoDD 1015.510/11/1983DoD Student Meal ProgramCH 27/24/1991   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1020.13/31/1982Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs and Activities Assisted or Conducted by the Department of DefenseCH 111/16/1994   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1020.02E6/8/2015Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity In The DoDCH 111/29/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1030.014/13/2004Victim and Witness Assistance   DTM-14-003 USD(P&R)
DoDD 1100.42/12/2005Guidance for Manpower Management     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1100.204/12/2004Support and Services for Eligible Organizations and Activities Outside the Department of Defense   PM-16-002 USD(P&R)
DoDD 1145.02E10/18/2012United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM)  10/18/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDD 1200.711/18/1999Screening the Ready Reserve     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1200.163/20/2004Contracted Civilian-Acquired Training (CCAT) for Reserve Components     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1200.1710/29/2008Managing the Reserve Components as an Operational Force     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1300.2210/30/2015Mortuary Affairs PolicyCH 112/8/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1304.196/11/2004Appointment of Chaplains for The Military Departments     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1304.207/28/2005Enlisted Personnel Management System (EPMS)     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1304.211/31/2005Policy on Enlistment Bonuses, Accession Bonuses for New Officers In Critical Skills, Selective Reenlistment Bonuses, and Critical Skills Retention Bonuses for Active Members     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1308.16/30/2004DoD Physical Fitness and Body Fat Program     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1308.22/4/2005Joint DoD Committee on Fitness     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1315.174/28/2005Military Department Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Programs     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1322.08E1/3/2005Voluntary Education Programs for Military Personnel     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1322.124/12/2004Funded Legal Education     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1322.166/18/2002Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) Program     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1322.181/13/2009Military TrainingCH 12/23/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1325.048/17/2001Confinement of Military Prisoners and Administration of Military Correctional Programs and Facilities     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1332.276/26/2003Survivor Annuity Programs for The Uniformed Services     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1332.413/8/2004Boards for Correction of Military Records (BCMRS) and Discharge Review Boards (DRBS)     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1338.051/12/2005Armed Forces Clothing Monetary Allowance Policy     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1340.207/14/2003Settling Personnel and General Claims and Processing Advance Decision Requests    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDD 1340.221/8/2005Waiver of Debts Resulting from Erroneous Payments of Pay and Allowances    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDD 1342.2010/19/2007Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA)    CMO 703-697-1142
DoDD 1344.102/19/2008Political Activities By Members of The Armed Forces     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1350.28/18/1995Department of Defense Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) ProgramCH 26/8/2015   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1350.44/28/2001Legal Assistance MattersCH 16/13/2001   USD(P&R)
DoDD 1400.51/12/2005DoD Policy for Civilian Personnel     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1400.2511/25/1996DoD Civilian Personnel Management System     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1400.314/28/1995DoD Civilian Work Force Contingency and Emergency Planning and Execution     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1400.359/24/2007Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS)CH 19/1/2009  USD(I)
DoDD 1401.036/13/2014DoD Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) Employee Whistleblower Protection  6/13/2024 IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDD 1403.110/18/1982The Senior Executive Service and Equivalent-Level Positions and Personnel     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1403.0310/25/2007The Career Lifecycle Management of The Senior Executive Service Leaders Within The Department of Defense     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1418.0510/6/2003Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) Policy     USD(P&R)
DoDD 1440.15/21/1987DoD Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) ProgramCH 34/17/1992   USD(P&R)
DoDD 2000.133/11/2014Civil AffairsCH 15/15/2017   USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDD 2000.172/4/1998United States Policy on The Committee on Women In The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Forces     USD(P&R)
DoDD 2005.02E3/31/2015Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) in the Department of DefenseCH 15/12/2017   USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDD 2010.512/13/2004The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Investment Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDD 2010.94/28/2003Acquisition and Cross-Servicing AgreementsCH 19/30/2016  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDD 2040.311/14/1991End Use Certificates (EUCS)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
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  • Issuance # = issuance number
  • CH. # = change number listed on the issuance
  • CH. Date = change date listed on the issuance
  • Exp. Date = expiration date listed on the issuance
  • Related Memo = related memorandum
  • OPR = office of primary responsibility (contact with questions about the issuance)