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DoD Instructions (updated 2/28/2018)

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Issuance #Issuance DateIssuance SubjectCH. #CH. DateExp. DateRelated Memo.OPR
DoDI 1000.014/16/2012Identification (ID) Cards Required by the Geneva ConventionsCH 16/9/20144/16/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.049/13/2012Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)CH 112/1/20179/13/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.111/16/2009Financial Institutions on DoD Installations    USD(C)
DoDI 1000.131/23/2014Identification (ID) Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, Their Dependents, and Other Eligible IndividualsCH 112/14/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.1510/24/2008Procedures and Support for Non-Federal Entities Authorized to Operate on DoD Installations     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.1710/30/2013Detail of DoD Personnel to Duty Outside the Department of Defense  10/30/2023 CMO / DoD Exec. Secretariat 703-692-7048
DoDI 1000.245/22/2003Confiscation of Fraudulent Identification (ID) Cards At Military Treatment Facilities     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.253/2/2016DoD Personnel Identity Protection (PIP) Program    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.2710/28/2008Mass Transportation Benefit Program (MTBP)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1000.282/1/2010Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH)    CMO
DoDI 1000.295/17/2012DoD Civil Liberties ProgramCH 111/26/20145/17/2022 CMO 703-693-7138
DoDI 1000.308/1/2012Reduction of Social Security Number (SSN) Use Within DoD  8/1/2022 OCMO
DoDI 1005.067/17/2015Display of the National Flag At Half-Staff     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1005.141/10/2013Department of Defense Spirit of Hope (SOH) AwardCH 14/14/2017  CMO
DoDI 1005.158/6/2013DoD Civilian Flags  8/6/2023 CMO 703-693-7138
DoDI 1005.169/11/2014Commander in Chief's Annual Award for Installation ExcellenceCH 111/9/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 1010.019/13/2012Military Personnel Drug Abuse Testing Program (MPDATP)CH 12/14/2018   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1010.042/20/2014Problematic Substance Use by DoD Personnel  2/20/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1010.096/22/2012DoD Civilian Employee Drug-Free Workplace Program  6/22/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1010.104/28/2014Health Promotion and Disease PreventionCH 21/12/2018   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1010.1610/10/2012Technical Procedures for the Military Personnel Drug Abuse Testing Program (MPDATP)CH 12/27/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.0812/23/2005DoD Civilian Employee Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Activities and Supporting Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.091/19/2016Professional U.S. Scouting Organization Operations At U.S. Military Installations OverseasCH 19/7/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.107/6/2009Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) ProgramsCH 15/6/2011   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.1110/6/2006Lodging PolicyCH 111/15/2011   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.1210/30/1996Lodging Program Resource Management     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.133/11/2004DoD Procedures for Implementing Public-Private Ventures (PPVS) for Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), and Armed Services Exchange Category C Revenue-Generating Activities     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1015.1510/31/2007Establishment, Management, and Control of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities and Financial Management of Supporting ResourcesCH 13/20/2008   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1025.021/3/2017National Security Education Program (NSEP) and NSEP Service Agreement    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1025.79/14/2000Department of Defense Starbase Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1025.83/20/2002National Guard Challenge Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1025.0910/27/2016Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (Smart) Defense Education Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 1030.26/4/2004Victim and Witness Assistance Procedures   DTM-14-003 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1035.014/4/2012Telework Policy  4/4/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1100.063/13/2007National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1100.131/15/2015DoD SurveysCH 13/31/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1100.168/14/1989Equal Opportunity in Off-Base Housing     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1100.213/11/2002Voluntary Services in the Department of DefenseCH 112/26/2002 00999-17 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1100.224/12/2010Policy and Procedures for Determining Workforce MixCH 112/1/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1100.239/26/2012Detail of Personnel to OSD  9/26/2022 CMO 703-614-4225
DoDI 1110.0212/7/2015National Language Service Corps (NLSC)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1120.113/17/2015Programming and Accounting for Active Component (AC) Military Manpower     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1125.0312/22/2009Vending Facility Program for the Blind on DoD-Controlled Federal PropertyCH 112/1/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1145.0112/12/2013Qualitative Distribution of Military ManpowerCH 19/22/201412/12/2023 USD(P&R) 703-697-2121
DoDI 1200.153/13/2014Assignment to and Transfer Between Reserve Categories, Discharge From Reserve Status, Transfer to the Retired Reserve, and Notification of Eligibility for Retired Pay  3/13/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1200.186/7/2012The United States Property and Fiscal Officer (USPFO) Program  6/7/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1205.122/24/2016Civilian Employment and Reemployment Rights for Service Members, Former Service Members and Applicants of the Uniformed ServicesCH 15/20/2016  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1205.132/6/2006Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1205.185/12/2014Full-Time Support (FTS) to the Reserve Components  5/12/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1205.219/20/1999Reserve Component Incentive Programs Procedures    ASD(M&RA) 703-697-6631
DoDI 1205.222/6/2017Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.063/11/2014Uniform Reserve, Training and Retirement Categories for the Reserve ComponentsCH 15/19/2015   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.071/24/2013Service Credit for Non-Regular RetirementCH 25/24/2016 00519-17 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.081/19/2017Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Programs   05161-17 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.135/5/2015Reserve Component (RC) Member Participation Policy     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.157/1/2014Military Reserve Exchange Program (MREP)CH 110/13/2016  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.171/29/2014Educational Requirements for Appointment to A Grade Above First Lieutenant Or Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in A Reserve Component  1/29/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.2110/10/2014Reserve Component (RC) Use of Electronic-Based Distributed Learning Methods for Training  10/10/2024 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1215.2211/12/2015Reserve Component Representation, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) and NATO Schools    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1225.065/16/2012Equipping the Reserve ForcesCH 111/30/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1225.085/10/2016Reserve Component (RC) Facilities Programs and Unit StationingCH 112/1/2017  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1225.912/17/2001Billeting for Reserve Component Members    ASD(M&RA) 703-697-6631
DoDI 1235.092/12/2014Management of the Standby Reserve  2/12/202400519-17 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1235.115/24/2007Management of Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1235.126/7/2016Accessing the Reserve Components (RC)CH 12/28/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1235.1310/18/2013Administration and Management of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and the Inactive National Guard (ING)  10/18/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1241.014/19/2016Reserve Component (RC) Line of Duty Determination for Medical and Dental Treatments and Incapacitation Pay Entitlements    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1241.031/23/2012Tricare Retired Reserve (TRR) Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1241.047/31/2012Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) ProgramCH 111/18/20137/31/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1241.0510/21/2013Reserve Income Replacement Program (RIRP)  10/21/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1250.0210/31/2013DoD Reserve Forces Senior Enlisted Advisors Council  10/31/2023 ASD(M&RA) 703-697-6631
DoDI 1300.047/25/2017Inter-Service Transfer of Commissioned Officers     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.067/12/2017Conscientious Objectors     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.1512/27/2017Military Funeral Support     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.172/10/2009Accommodation of Religious Practices Within the Military ServicesCH 11/22/20141/22/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.181/8/2008Department of Defense (DoD) Personnel Casualty Matters, Policies, and ProceduresCH 18/14/2009   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.193/4/2014DoD Joint Officer Management (JOM) Program  3/4/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.2412/1/2009Recovery Coordination Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.253/25/2013Guidance for the Education and Employment Initiative (E21) and Operation Warfighter (OWF)  3/25/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.261/31/2017Operation of the DoD Financial Management Certification Program    USD(C)
DoDI 1300.271/7/2016Guidance on the Use of Service Dogs by Service Members    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1300.287/1/2016In-Service Transition for Transgender Service Members    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.029/9/2011Accession Processing Data Collection Forms     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.12E9/20/2005DoD Military Personnel Accession Testing Programs     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.2310/7/2005Acquisition and Use of Criminal History Record Information for Military Recruiting Purposes     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.249/20/2005Use of Directory Information on Secondary School Students for Military Recruiting Purposes     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.2510/31/2013Fulfilling the Military Service Obligation (MSO)  10/31/2023 ASD(M&RA) 703-697-6631
DoDI 1304.263/23/2015Qualification Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, and InductionCH 24/11/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.286/11/2004Guidance for the Appointment of Chaplains for the Military DepartmentsCH 33/20/2014   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.2912/15/2004Administration of Enlistment Bonuses, Accession Bonuses for New Officers in Critical Skills, Selective Reenlistment Bonuses, and Critical Skills Retention Bonuses for Active MembersCH 17/11/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.303/14/2006Enlisted Personnel Management Plan (EPMP) Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.313/12/2013Enlisted Bonus Program (EBP)  3/12/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.323/26/2013Military Services Recruiting Related ReportsCH 13/31/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.331/28/2015Protecting Against Inappropriate Relations During Recruiting and Entry Level TrainingCH 14/5/2017  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1304.347/11/2016General Bonus Authority for Officers    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1308.311/5/2002DoD Physical Fitness and Body Fat Programs Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1310.018/23/2013Rank and Seniority of Commissioned Officers  8/23/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1310.023/26/2015Original Appointment of Officers     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1312.011/28/2013Department of Defense Occupational Information Collection and Reporting  1/28/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1312.0311/22/2013Service Credit for Commissioned Officers  11/22/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1315.093/6/2015Utilization of Enlisted Aides (EAS) on Personal Staffs of General and Flag Officers (G/FOS)CH 112/1/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1315.155/19/2017Special Separation Policies for Survivorship     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1315.1810/28/2015Procedures for Military Personnel AssignmentsCH 14/14/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1315.194/19/2017The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFPM)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1315.209/28/2007Management of Department of Defense (DoD) Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Programs     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1320.041/3/2014Military Officer Actions Requiring Presidential, Secretary of Defense, Or Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Approval Or Senate Confirmation  1/3/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1320.087/7/2017Continuation of Commissioned Officers on Active Duty and on the Reserve Active-Status List     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1320.102/6/2014Discharge of Commissioned Officers Not Qualified for Promotion to the Grade of First Lieutenant Or Lieutenant (Junior Grade)  2/6/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1320.112/12/2013Special Selection Boards  2/12/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1320.1310/30/2014Commissioned Officer Promotion Reports (CORPS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1320.1412/11/2013Commissioned Officer Promotion Program Procedures  12/11/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.0610/12/2016Fellowships, Legislative Fellowships, Internships, Scholarships, Training-With-Industry (Twi), and Grants Provided to DoD Or DoD Personnel for Education and Training     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.104/29/2008Policy on Graduate Education for Military Officers     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.171/15/2015Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.193/14/2013Voluntary Education Programs in Overseas Areas  3/14/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.229/24/2015Service Academies   05161-17USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.235/20/2011Secretary of Defense Executive Fellows (SDEF)CH 111/30/2016  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.2410/6/2011Medical Readiness Training     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.253/15/2011Voluntary Education ProgramsCH 37/7/20143/15/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.2610/5/2017Distributed Learning (DL)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.274/13/2007DoD Urban Training Facilities     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.283/18/2013Realistic Military Training (RMT) Off Federal Real PropertyCH 25/13/20143/18/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.291/24/2014Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships, and Internships (JTEST-AI) for Eligible Service Members  1/24/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.303/14/2014Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Reap)  3/14/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1322.312/26/2015Common Military Training (CMT)CH 14/11/2017  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1325.0211/16/2012Desertion and Unauthorized Absence (UA)CH 13/31/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1325.0611/27/2009Handling Dissident and Protest Activities Among Members of the Armed ForcesCH 12/22/2012   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1325.073/11/2013Administration of Military Correctional Facilities and Clemency and Parole AuthorityCH 29/22/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1327.066/16/2009Leave and Liberty Policy and ProceduresCH 35/19/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1330.048/31/2010Armed Forces Participation in National and International Sports Activities     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1330.0912/7/2005Armed Services Exchange Policy   PM-16-001 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1330.133/23/2004Armed Forces Entertainment Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1330.176/18/2014DoD Commissary Program  6/18/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1330.217/14/2005Armed Services Exchange Regulations     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.141/27/2014Enlisted Administrative SeparationsCH 22/27/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.188/5/2014Disability Evaluation System (DES)  8/5/2024 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.206/24/2014Minimum Service in Grade for Non-Disability (Voluntary) Retirement in the Grades of W-3 Through W-5 and E-7 Through E-9  6/24/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.284/4/2004Discharge Review Board (DRB) Procedures and Standards     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.293/3/2017Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.3011/25/2013Separation of Regular and Reserve Commissioned OfficersCH 13/31/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.325/2/2014Selective Early Retirement Or Removal of Officers on the Active Duty List, the Warrant Officer Active Duty List, Or the Reserve Active Status List  5/2/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.352/29/2016Transition Assistance Program (TAP) for Military Personnel    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.376/29/1994Program to Encourage Public and Community Service EmploymentCH 18/5/1994   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.426/23/2009Survivor Annuity Program Administration     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.4311/28/2017Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) Program for Service Members     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1332.446/24/2014Officer Voluntary Retirement Incentive (VRI) Program  12/31/2018 USD(P&R)
DoDI 1334.110/26/2005Wearing of the Uniform     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1334.0212/7/2012Frocking of Commissioned Officers  12/7/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1336.018/20/2009Certificate of Release Or Discharge From Active Duty (DD Form 214/5 Series)CH 112/29/2014   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1336.057/28/2009Automated Extract of Active Duty Military Personnel RecordsCH 23/31/2015   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1336.077/28/2009Reporting of Personnel Tempo (PERSTEMPO) Events     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1336.0811/13/2009Military Human Resource Records Life Cycle Management     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1338.109/12/2012Department of Defense Food Service Program (DFSP)CH 19/13/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 1338.181/7/1998Armed Forces Clothing Monetary Allowance Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1338.217/19/2016Special Command Positions (SCPS)    CMO
DoDI 1340.091/26/2018Hazardous Duty Pay Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1340.189/11/2012Advance Pay Incident to A Permanent Change of Station (PCS) for Members of the Uniformed Services  9/11/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1340.215/12/2004Procedures for Settling Personnel and General Claims and Processing Advance Decision Requests    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 1340.232/14/2006Waiver Procedures for Debts Resulting From Erroneous Pay and Allowances    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 1340.249/17/2009Family Separation Allowance (FSA)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1340.259/28/2010Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (CZTE)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1340.269/25/2017Assignment and Special Duty Pays     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1340.275/21/2013Military Foreign Language Skill Proficiency Bonuses  5/21/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.028/18/2016Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Program and Procedures    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.064/3/2007Veterans Employment Assistance Program (VEAP)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.088/25/2006Payment of Death Gratuity to Survivors of Certain DoD Personnel Assigned to Intelligence Duties    USD(I)
DoDI 1341.097/5/2016DoD Adoption Reimbursement Policy     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.113/4/2008Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.128/10/2015Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL) Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.135/31/2013Post-9/11 GI Bill  5/31/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1341.141/19/2017

Service members' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) On-Line Enrollment System (SOES)

DoDI 1342.126/17/2015Provision of Early Intervention and Special Education Services to Eligible DoD Dependents     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.1512/7/2012Educational Advisory Committees and Councils  12/7/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.182/6/2006Financial Assistance to Local Educational Agencies (LEAS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.195/7/2010Family Care PlansCH 111/30/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.227/3/2012Military Family ReadinessCH 24/11/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.245/23/1995Transitional Compensation for Abused DependentsCH 11/16/1997   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.2510/30/1996School Board for Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.263/4/1997Eligibility Requirements for Minor Dependents to Attend Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.283/30/2011DoD Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1342.291/31/2017Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1344.073/30/2006Personal Commercial Solicitation on DoD Installations     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1344.083/11/2009Interment Allowance for Deceased Military PersonnelCH 14/17/20133/11/2019  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1344.0912/8/2008Indebtedness of Military Personnel     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1348.192/3/2014Award of Medals, Trophies, Badges, and Similar Honors in Recognition of Accomplishments  2/3/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1348.3011/27/2013Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards  11/27/2023 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 1348.3312/21/2016DoD Military Decorations and Awards ProgramCH 110/25/2017  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1348.349/1/2011Presidential Recognition on Retirement From Military Service     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1348.3511/19/2013OSD Identification Badge ProgramCH 110/10/2017  CMO
DoDI 1348.3612/21/2016Gold Star Lapel Button, Service Flag, and Service Lapel Button    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1350.32/29/1988Affirmative Action Planning and Assessment Process     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1352.0112/8/2016Management of Regular and Reserve Retired Military Members    USD(P&R)
DoDI 1354.011/19/2007DoD Policy on Organizations That Seek to Represent Or Organize Members of the Armed Forces in Negotiation Or Collective Bargaining     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1400.209/26/2006DoD Program for Stability of Civilian Employment     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1400.242/17/2006Civilian Mobility Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1400.25 DoD Civilian Personnel Management System     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1400.324/24/1995DoD Civilian Work Force Contingency and Emergency Planning Guidelines and Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1400.366/2/2008DoD Implementation of the Joint Intelligence Community Duty Assignment (JDA) Program    USD(I)
DoDI 1400.377/28/2009Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) Personnel Demonstration Projects     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1402.019/9/2007Employment of Retired Members of the Armed Forces     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1402.03 VOLUME 16/7/2012Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL) and Scientific and Professional (ST) Personnel Categories in the DoD Fourth Estate: AdministrationCH 14/20/2017  CMO
DoDI 1402.03 VOLUME 24/30/2014Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL) and Scientific and Professional (ST) Personnel Categories in the DoD Fourth Estate: Executive Resources ManagementCH 24/20/2017  CMO
DoDI 1402.03 VOLUME 34/30/2014Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific and Professional (ST) Personnel Categories in the DoD Fourth Estate: Staffing, Reassignments, Transfers, Details, and ReinstatementsCH 14/20/2017  CMO
DoDI 1402.03 VOLUME 510/22/2015Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific and Professional (ST) Personnel Categories in the DoD Fourth Estate: Performance Management and Presidential Rank AwardsCH 14/20/2017  CMO
DoDI 1402.03 VOLUME 62/28/2013Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific and Professional (ST) Personnel Categories in the DoD Fourth Estate: Probationary Periods, Disciplinary Actions, and RemovalsCH 14/20/2017  CMO
DoDI 1402.059/11/2015Background Checks on Individuals in DoD Child Care Services ProgramsCH 17/14/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDI 1402.0611/6/2007Civilian Faculty Positions in Department of Defense (DoD) Post-Secondary Educational Institutions     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1403.22/1/1991Reduction in Force in the Senior Executive Service (SES)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1430.024/6/2006Civilian Career Management     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1430.1611/19/2009Growing Civilian Leaders     USD(P&R)
DoDI 1438.061/16/2014DoD Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Policy  1/16/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1442.029/30/2010Personnel Actions Involving Civilian Attorneys    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 1442.102/17/2010Outside Assignments of Attorneys From the DoD Office of the General Counsel (OGC, DoD) and Defense Legal Services Agency (DLSA)    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 1444.02 Volume 111/5/2013Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Appropriated Fund (APF) Civilians  11/5/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1444.02 Volume 211/5/2013Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Civilians  11/5/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1444.02 Volume 311/5/2013Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Foreign National (FN) Civilians  11/5/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 1444.02 Volume 411/5/2013Data Submission Requirements for DoD Civilian Personnel: Workforce and Address Dynamic Records  11/5/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 2000.031/17/2006International Interchange of Patent Rights and Technical Information    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 2000.115/13/2010Procedures for Handling Requests for Asylum and Temporary RefugeCH 15/23/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2000.123/1/2012DoD Antiterrorism (AT) ProgramCH 35/8/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-2000.16 Volume 111/17/2016DoD Antiterrorism (AT) Program Implementation: DoD At Standards
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CH 15/5/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-2000.16 Volume 211/17/2016DoD Antiterrorism (AT) Program Implementation: DoD Force Protection Condition (FPCON) System
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CH 15/8/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2000.208/29/2005Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangements    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2000.214/5/2016DoD Support to International Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) IncidentsCH 15/8/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-2000.226/19/2014Designation and Physical Protection of DoD High-Risk Personnel
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  6/19/2024 USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI C-2000.237/15/2008Conduct of DoD Contacts with the People's Republic of China (PRC) (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-2000.242/19/2010Conduct of DoD Contacts with the Government of the Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China (PRC)(U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2000.258/5/2010DoD Procedures for Reviewing and Monitoring Transactions Filed with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 2000.269/23/2014Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)CH 15/12/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-2000.2712/20/2012DoD Senior Foreign Official Visit Program (SFOVP)
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  12/20/2022 CMO / DoD Exec. Secretariat 703-692-7048
DoDI 2000.2811/14/2013DoD Policy and Responsibilities Relating to the Regional Defense Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP)  11/14/2023 USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-2000.291/2/2014(U) DoD Policy on Defense Engagement with the Russian Federation (RF)  1/2/2024 USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2000.307/12/2017Global Health Engagement (GHE) Activities    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-2005.0110/20/2014Freedom of Navigation (FON) Program (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2010.067/29/2009Materiel Interoperability and Standardization with Allies and Coalition Partners    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 2010.079/9/2005Policy on Rationalization of NATO and NATO Member Telecommunication Facilities    DoD CIO
DoDI 2010.1211/18/2008Aviation Leadership ProgramCH 16/9/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2015.42/7/2002Defense Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Information Exchange Program (IEP)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 2030.082/19/2015Implementation of Trade Security Controls (TSC) for Transfers of DoD Personal Property to Parties Outside DoD ControlCH 15/24/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2035.012/27/2006Defense Economic Cooperation with Canada    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2040.023/27/2014International Transfers of Technology, Articles, and ServicesCH 17/31/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2060.0311/13/2008Application of the National Security Exclusion to the Agreements Between the United States of America and the International Atomic Energy Agency for the Application of Safeguards in the United States of America    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 2200.014/21/2015Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)CH 14/5/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 2205.026/23/2014Humanitarian and Civic Assistance (HCA) ActivitiesCH 15/22/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2310.051/31/2000Accounting for Missing Persons - Boards of InquiryCH 13/14/2008  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 2310.08E6/6/2006Medical Program Support for Detainee Operations     USD(P&R)
DoDI 3000.049/24/2009DoD Munitions Requirements Process (MRP)CH 111/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3000.059/16/2009Stability OperationsCH 16/29/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3000.081/5/2010Balanced Survivability Assessments (BSAs)
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CH 111/19/2010  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3000.115/3/2016Management of DoD Irregular Warfare (IW) and Security Force Assistance (SFA) Capabilities    USD(P&R)
DoDI 3000.125/6/2016Management of U.S. Global Defense Posture (GDP)CH 15/8/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3000.134/4/2017DoD Rewards Program (DoDRP)
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    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3001.025/3/2010Personnel Accountability in Conjunction with Natural Or Manmade Disasters     USD(P&R)
DoDI 3002.021/11/2013Personnel Recovery and 406 MHZ Search and Rescue (SAR) Emergency Beacons in the Department of DefenseCH 14/25/2016  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3002.037/15/2013DoD Personnel Recovery - Reintegration of Recovered PersonnelCH 14/26/2016  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3002.0411/17/2014DoD Personnel Recovery - Non-Conventional Assisted Recovery (NAR)CH 14/27/2016  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3002.054/12/2016Personnel Recovery (PR) Education and Training
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    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3003.019/26/2011DoD Support to Civil Search and Rescue (SAR)CH 15/12/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3020.393/2/2015Mission Assurance Policy for the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE)CH 12/13/2018  USD(I)
DoDI 3020.4112/20/2011Operational Contract Support (OCS)CH 14/11/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3020.422/17/2006Defense Continuity Plan Development    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3020.433/6/2007Emergency Management and Incident Command on the Pentagon Facilities
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    PFPA, CMO 703-697-2421
DoDI 3020.454/21/2008Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP) ManagementCH 16/6/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3020.4610/24/2008The Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL)CH 111/16/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3020.471/29/2009DoD Participation in the National Exercise Program (NEP)CH 18/15/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3020.483/6/2009Guidance for Maritime Operational Threat Response (MOTR)-Related Conferencing Coordination Activities ImplementationCH 25/12/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3020.507/22/2009Private Security Contractors (PCSS) Operating in Contingency Operations, Humanitarian Or Peace Operations, Or Other Military Operations Or ExercisesCH 18/1/2011  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3020.516/23/2011Intelligence Support to the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP)    USD(I)
DoDI 3020.525/18/2012DoD Installation Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosive (CBRNE) Preparedness StandardsCH 15/22/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3025.169/8/2011Defense Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (EPLO) ProgramsCH 15/8/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3025.1712/16/2002Civil-Military Assistance for Certain Youth and Charitable Organizations   PM-16-002ASD(M&RA) 703-697-6631
DoDI 3025.1911/29/2011Procedures for Sharing Information with and Providing Support to the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS)CH 13/13/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3025.204/6/2012Defense Support of Special EventsCH 15/24/2017 OSD007500-16USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3025.212/27/2013Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies  2/27/2023PM-16-002 OSD007500-16USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3025.227/26/2013The Use of the National Guard for Defense Support of Civil AuthoritiesCH 15/15/2017  USD(P) 703-695-3863
DoDI 3025.235/25/2016Domestic Defense Liaison with Civil Authorities    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3025.241/30/2017DoD Public Health and Medical Services in Support of Civil Authorities    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3030.37/13/2004Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3100.088/7/2012The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP)CH 111/30/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3100.1110/24/2016Management of Laser Illumination of Objects in Space    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3100.129/14/2000Space Support    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-3100.139/14/2000Space Force Application (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-3100.141/12/2001Space Force Enhancement (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-3100.151/19/2001Space Control (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3110.059/25/2006Readiness-Based Material Condition Reporting for Mission-Essential Systems and Equipment    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3110.066/23/2008War Reserve Materiel (WRM) PolicyCH 19/28/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI O-3115.079/15/2008Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
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CH 111/19/2010  USD(I)
DoDI 3115.081/14/2009Collection of Information on Non-U.S. Persons Outside the United States At the Request of U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAS)CH 22/23/20181/14/2019 USD(I)
DoDI 3115.10E3/24/2006Intelligence Support to Personnel Recovery    USD(I)
DoDI 3115.111/22/2009DoD Intelligence Human Capital Management OperationsCH 112/9/2011  USD(I)
DoDI 3115.128/24/2010Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)    USD(I)
DoDI 3115.147/29/2011Civil Aviation IntelligenceCH 12/26/2018  USD(I)
DoDI 3115.1512/6/2011Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)    USD(I)
DoDI 3115.1711/16/2016Management and Oversight of DoD All-Source Analysis    USD(I)
DoDI S-3150.0712/21/2010Controlling the Use of Nuclear Weapons (U)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3150.094/8/2015The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Survivability PolicyCH 11/16/2018  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3150.107/2/2010DoD Response to U.S. Nuclear Weapon Incidents    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3200.128/22/2013DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP)CH 110/10/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3200.164/21/2015Operational Range Clearance (ORC)CH 112/4/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI S-3200.177/15/2009Implementing Instructions for the DoD Special Communications Enterprise Office (SCEO) (U)    USD(I)
DoDI 3200.182/1/2010Management and Operation of the Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB)CH 111/15/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3200.195/17/2012Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) Human Effects CharacterizationCH 19/13/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3200.207/26/2012Scientific and Engineering IntegrityCH 112/5/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3200.219/15/2015Sustaining Access to the Live Training DomainCH 211/30/2017  USD(P&R)
DoDI 3201.019/29/2016Management of DoD Research and Development LaboratoriesCH 112/8/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3201.0410/18/2013In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) ProgramCH 110/11/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3204.018/20/2014DoD Policy for Oversight of Independent Research and Development (IR&D)  8/20/2024 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3210.19/16/2005Administration and Support of Basic Research by the Department of Defense    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3210.75/14/2004Research Integrity and Misconduct    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3210.084/13/2016Reporting and Using Information in the Government-Wide Integrity and Performance SystemCH 19/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3216.019/13/2010Use of Animals in DoD ProgramsCH 110/3/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3216.0211/8/2011Protection of Human Subjects and Adherence to Ethical Standards in DoD-Supported Research    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3218.027/24/2013National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) FellowshipsCH 111/30/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3222.038/25/2014DoD Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) ProgramCH 210/10/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 3224.0310/1/2007Physical Security Equipment (PSE) Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 3224.045/23/2008Single Manager Responsibility for Joint Military Diving Technology and Training (MDT&T)CH 15/26/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3300.045/25/2012Defense Biometric Enabled Intelligence (BEI) and Forensic Enabled Intelligence (FEI)
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  5/25/2022 USD(I)
DoDI 3300.057/17/2013Reserve Component Intelligence Enterprise (RCIE) Management  7/17/2023 USD(I)
DoDI 3300.072/14/2017Defense Intelligence Foreign Language and Regional and Culture Capabilities    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.011/24/2017National Intelligence University (NIU)    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.028/12/2015DoD General Intelligence Training and Certification    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.0611/19/2008Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foreign Language PolicyCH 15/22/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3305.096/13/2013DoD Cryptologic Training  6/13/2023 USD(I)
DoDI 3305.107/3/2013Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT) Training  7/3/2023 USD(I)
DoDI 3305.118/13/2015DoD Counterintelligence (CI) Training and Certification    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.1210/14/2016Intelligence and Counterintelligence (I&CI) Training of Non-U.S. Persons    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.132/13/2014DoD Security Education, Training, and Certification  2/13/2024 USD(I)
DoDI 3305.148/18/2015Joint Intelligence Training (Jit) and Certification    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.158/13/2015DoD Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Training and Certification    USD(I)
DoDI 3305.168/13/2015DoD Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Training and CertificationCH 12/13/2018  USD(I)
DoDI S-3325.042/12/2015Implementation of the Foreign Materiel Program (FMP) (U)    USD(I)
DoDI C-3325.063/20/2000Classified Title    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI S-3325.076/22/2009Guidance for the Conduct of DoD Human Source Validation (U)CH 110/16/20136/22/2019 USD(I)
DoDI 3325.089/17/2012DoD Intelligence Collection ManagementCH 110/15/20139/17/2022 USD(I)
DoDI S-3325.106/6/2013Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Activities in Cyberspace (U/FOUO)  6/6/2023 USD(I)
DoDI 3325.116/26/2015Management of the Joint Reserve Intelligence Program (JRIP)    USD(I)
DoDI O-3600.0211/28/2005Information Operation (Io) Security Classification Guidance (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3600.034/22/2010Technical Assurance Standard (TAS) for Computer Network Attack (CNA) Capabilities
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CH 111/19/2010  USD(I)
DoDI S-3604.013/11/2013(U) Department of Defense Military DeceptionCH 111/5/20133/11/2023 USD(I)
DoDI O-3607.026/13/2016Military Information Support Operations (MISO)
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    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3608.1111/4/2005Information Operations Career Force    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 3608.1211/4/2005Joint Information Operations (IO) EducationCH 112/6/2011  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-3710.0210/20/2014Secretary of Defense Communications (SDC)
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    DoD CIO
DoDI O-3710.031/12/2017Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Airborne and Temporary Duty Communications
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    DoD CIO
DoDI S-3730.0111/6/2015Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) System (U)    DoD CIO
DoDI 3741.01 (previously DoDI 3710.01)5/1/2013National Leadership Command Capabilities (NLCC) Configuration Management (CM)  5/1/2023 DoD CIO
DoDI O-3780.015/22/2014Senior Leader Secure Communications Modernization (SLSCM)
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  5/22/2024 DoD CIO
DoDI 4000.194/25/2013Support AgreementsCH 111/30/20174/25/2023 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4001.011/10/2008Installation SupportCH 111/15/2011  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4105.672/26/2014Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Procurement Policy and ProcedureCH 212/1/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 4105.7011/30/2016Prohibition of the Sale Or Rental of Sexually Explicit Material on DoD Property     USD(P&R)
DoDI 4105.729/7/2016Procurement of Sustainable Goods and Services    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4120.247/13/2011Defense Standardization Program (DSP)CH 19/29/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.0112/14/2011DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management PolicyCH 19/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.256/25/2015DoD Management Policy for Energy Commodities and Related ServicesCH 110/6/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.581/8/2010National Guard and Reserve Equipment Report (NGRER)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 4140.6112/14/2000Customer Wait Time and Time Definite Delivery    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.628/20/2015Material Potentially Presenting An Explosive Hazard (MPPEH)CH 110/3/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.634/12/2017Management of DoD Clothing and Textiles (Class II)CH 19/15/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.669/7/2010Registration and End-Use Monitoring of Defense Articles And/Or Defense ServicesCH 15/24/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 4140.674/26/2013DoD Counterfeit Prevention PolicyCH 110/25/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4140.699/30/2016Engineering Support Instructions for Items Supplied by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4145.264/9/2005DoD Contractor's Safety Requirements for Ammunition and Explosives    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4150.075/29/2008DoD Pest Management ProgramCH 19/15/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4151.191/9/2014Serialized Item Management (SIM) for Life-Cycle Management of MaterielCH 111/1/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4151.201/5/2007Depot Maintenance Core Capabilities Determination Process    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4151.2111/21/2016Public-Private Partnerships for Product SupportCH 211/1/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4151.2210/16/2012Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) for Materiel MaintenanceCH 11/19/201810/16/2022 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4160.284/7/2011DoD Demilitarization (DEMIL) ProgramCH 19/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4161.024/27/2012Accountability and Management of Government Contract PropertyCH 19/29/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.038/24/2012DoD Real Property CategorizationCH 210/5/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.141/17/2014Real Property Inventory (RPI) and ForecastingCH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.561/7/2013Relocatable BuildingsCH 111/30/20171/7/2023 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.575/2/2011Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ)CH 211/9/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.637/21/2008DoD HousingCH 111/20/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.652/6/2013Shelter for the Homeless ProgramCH 110/5/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.682/13/2014Revitalizing Base Closure Communities and Community Assistance - Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance  2/13/2024 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.694/6/2005Realignment of DoD Sites Overseas    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.704/6/2005Real Property Management    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.711/6/2005Real Property Acquisition    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4165.7212/21/2007Real Property DisposalCH 111/9/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4170.1112/11/2009Installation Energy ManagementCH 13/16/2016  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4180.023/31/2016Implementation and Management of the DoD Mission Compatibility Evaluation ProcessCH 111/20/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4205.016/8/2016DoD Small Business Programs (SBP)CH 19/13/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4245.1410/26/2012DoD Value Engineering (VE) ProgramCH 110/31/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4270.375/18/2011Unspecified Minor Military Construction Projects Pursuant to DoD Counterdrug Authority    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 4500.3612/11/2012Acquisition, Management, and Use of Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTVS)CH 29/19/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4500.435/18/2011Operational Support Airlift (OSA)CH 210/31/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4500.5310/20/2008DoD Commercial Air Transportation Quality and Safety Review ProgramCH 112/2/2010  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4500.573/7/2017Transportation and Traffic ManagementCH 110/10/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4515.131/22/2016Air Transportation EligibilityCH 22/9/2018  USD(A&S) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4515.146/28/2013Washington Local Commuting AreaCH 15/24/2017  CMO
DoDI 4515.168/19/2013Use of General Services Administration (GSA) Contracts for Air Passenger Transportation Services (GSA Airline City Pair Program) for Attendance At Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Assemblies  8/19/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI S-4515.1711/18/2013Gate Keeper (U)  11/18/2023 USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 4515.1912/27/2011DoD Support for Congressional Funerals    ASD(LA) 703-697-6210
DoDI 4525.74/2/1981Military Postal Service and Related Services    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4525.088/11/2006DoD Official Mail Management    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4540.016/2/2015Use of International Airspace by U.S. Military Aircraft and for Missile and Projectile FiringsCH 15/22/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 4540.056/23/2011DoD Transportation of U.S. Nuclear WeaponsCH 311/9/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4540.072/19/2016Operation of the DoD Engineering for Transportability and Deployability ProgramCH 19/22/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4630.097/15/2015Communication Waveform Management and StandardizationCH 110/10/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 4640.079/24/2009Telecommunications Services in the National Capital Region (NCR)CH 28/10/20129/24/2019 DoD CIO
DoDI 4650.011/9/2009Policy and Procedures for Management and Use of the Electromagnetic SpectrumCH 110/17/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 4650.0212/23/2009Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)    DoD CIO
DoDI 4650.066/16/2016Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Management    DoD CIO
DoDI 4650.082/5/2015Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) and Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR)    DoD CIO
DoDI 4650.107/28/2015Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability and StandardizationCH 14/13/2016  DoD CIO
DoDI S-4660.047/27/2011Encryption of Imagery Transmitted by Airborne Systems and Unmanned Aircraft Control Communications (U)    DoD CIO
DoDI 4710.029/14/2006DoD Interactions with Federally Recognized Tribes    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4710.0310/25/2011Consultation with Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOS)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.028/28/2009Regional Environmental CoordinationCH 111/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.033/18/2011Natural Resources Conservation ProgramCH 110/5/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.0511/1/2013Environmental Compliance At Installations Outside the United StatesCH 110/5/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.065/4/2015Environmental Compliance in the United StatesCH 110/27/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.075/21/2013Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP)CH 110/25/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.0811/1/2013Remediation of Environmental Contamination Outside the United StatesCH 110/10/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.1311/15/2005DoD Noise Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.1411/30/2005Operational Range Assessments    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.154/17/2017Environmental Quality SystemsCH 110/25/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.169/18/2008Cultural Resources ManagementCH 111/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.174/15/2009Environmental Management SystemsCH 111/16/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.186/11/2009Emerging Contaminants (ECS)CH 112/13/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.192/15/2011Use of Open-Air Burn Pits in Contingency OperationsCH 410/6/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.222/18/2016Environmental Management Policy for Contingency LocationsCH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.2310/24/2016Integrated Recycling and Solid Waste Management    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.2411/9/2016The Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program and Encroachment Management    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 4715.277/7/2017DoD Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.021/7/2015Operation of the Defense Acquisition SystemCH 38/10/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.248/10/2017Pentagon Executive Dining Facilities (EDFS)    CMO 703-697-1142
DoDI 5000.3510/21/2008Defense Acquisition Regulations (DAR) SystemCH 111/17/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.567/9/2010Programming Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT), Geospatial Information and Services (GI&S), and Geodesy Requirements for Developing SystemsCH 19/25/2017  USD(I)
DoDI 5000.5712/18/2013Defense Acquisition University (DAU)CH 19/22/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.607/18/2014Defense Industrial Base AssessmentsCH 112/4/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.6112/9/2009DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.644/27/2017Accountability and Management of DoD Equipment and Other Accountable PropertyCH 17/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.667/27/2017Defense Acquisition Workforce Education, Training, Experience, and Career Development Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.672/1/2010Prevention and Mitigation of Corrosion on DoD Military Equipment and InfrastructureCH 111/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.6810/27/2010Security Force Assistance (SFA)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5000.6911/9/2011DoD Joint Services Weapon and Laser System Safety Review ProcessesCH 111/20/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.705/10/2012Management of DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) ActivitiesCH 210/25/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.723/26/2015DoD Standard for Contracting Officers Representative (COR) Certification    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.736/9/2015Cost Analysis Guidance and ProceduresCH 110/2/2017  DCAPE 703-614-3463
DoDI 5000.741/5/2016Defense Acquisition of ServicesCH 110/5/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.752/2/2017Business Systems Requirements and Acquisition    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5000.763/2/2017Accountability and Management of Internal Use Software (IUS)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5010.359/28/2007Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI)    USD(C)
DoDI 5010.405/30/2013Managers' Internal Control Program Procedures  5/30/2023CMO Memo OSD000175-17USD(C)/CFO
DoDI 5010.419/12/2005Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) Program    DOT&E 703-681-4024
DoDI 5010.437/17/2009Implementation and Management of the DoD-Wide Continuous Process Improvement/Lean Six Sigma (CPI/LSS) Program    CMO 703-614-8888
DoDI 5015.022/24/2015DoD Records Management ProgramCH 18/17/2017 OSD000223-17DoD CIO
DoDI 5025.018/1/2016DoD Issuances ProgramCH 212/22/2017  CMO DoD Directives
DoDI 5025.128/14/2009Standardization of Military and Associated TerminologyCH 14/11/2017  CMO DoD Directives
DoDI 5025.134/11/2013DoD Plain Language ProgramCH 33/30/2017  CMO Plain Language
DoDI 5030.78/22/1988Coordination of Significant Litigation and Other Matters Involving the Department of Justice    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5030.148/17/2011Disclosure of Atomic Information to Foreign Governments and Regional Defense OrganizationsCH 19/28/20128/17/2021 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5030.364/24/2014Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic (ESCAT)CH 111/7/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI C-5030.4410/12/2005Significant Military Exercises and Freedom of Navigation Assertions in Politically Sensitive Areas (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5030.5310/16/2012Reimbursement for General Services Administration (GSA) Space, Services, and Facilities; and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), and Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) ServicesCH 17/31/2017  WHS 703-614-6399
DoDI 5030.543/6/2006Federal Executive Boards    CMO 703-697-1142
DoDI 5030.567/17/2012DoD Consumer Affairs Program  7/17/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5030.5712/5/2011Special Warnings to MarinersCH 12/12/2018  USD(I)
DoDI 5030.593/10/2015National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (Nga) Limited Distribution Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)    USD(I)
DoDI 5030.607/24/2015Reimbursable Project Work Authorization (Above Standard Orders) Procedures for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)-Owned and Delegated Leased Facilities    CMO
DoDI 5035.016/6/2017Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Fund-Raising Within the DoDCH 12/16/2018  CMO
DoDI 5040.0210/27/2011Visual Information (VI)CH 17/8/2016  ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5040.072/21/2013Visual Information (VI) Productions  2/21/2023 ATSD(PA)
DoDI S-5100.439/24/2008Defense Special Missile and Aerospace Center (DEFSMAC) (U)    USD(I)
DoDI 5100.647/8/2016DoD Foreign Tax Relief Program    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5100.7312/1/2007Major DoD Headquarters ActivitiesCH 26/12/2012  CMO 703-697-1142
DoDI 5100.762/28/2014Safeguarding Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E)  2/28/2024 USD(I)
DoDI S-5100.925/12/2009Defense and National Leadership Command Capability (DNLCC) Governance (U)    DoD CIO
DoDI O-5100.938/13/2010Defense Counterintelligence (CI) and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Center (DCHC)    USD(I)
DoDI O-5100.949/27/2011Oversight, Coordination, Assessment, and Reporting of DoD Intelligence and Intelligence-Related Sensitive Activities
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CH 110/15/20139/27/2021 USD(I)
DoDI O-5100.954/18/2012Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Training-Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE)
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CH 110/15/20134/18/2022 USD(I)
DoDI 5101.155/4/2012DoD Medical Materiel Executive Agent (MMEA) Implementation GuidanceCH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5105.048/6/2007Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee Management Program    CMO 703-697-1142
DoDI 5105.187/10/2009DoD Intergovernmental and Intragovernmental Committee Management ProgramCH 18/7/20127/10/2019 CMO 703-697-1142
DoDI C-5105.323/18/2009Defense Attach Service (DAS) (U)CH 25/9/20143/18/2019  USD(I)
DoDI 5105.333/29/2006Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5105.4512/26/2013Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)  12/26/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5105.584/22/2009Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)    USD(I)
DoDI S-5105.636/20/2013Implementation of DoD Cover and Cover Support Activities (U)  6/20/2023 USD(I)
DoDI C-5105.8111/6/2008Implementing Instructions for DoD Operations At U.S. Embassies (U)    USD(P) 703-571-9255 USD(I)
DoDI 5106.057/14/2006Combatant Command Inspectors General-Implementing Procedures    IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI O-5110.1110/4/2010Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC)
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DoDI 5111.1610/27/2005Policy and Strategy Committee    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5111.197/26/2011Section 2282 Global Train-And-Equip AuthorityCH 15/8/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5111.2010/12/2016State Partnership Program (SPP)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5120.043/17/2015DoD Newspapers, Magazines, Guides, and Installation MapsCH 111/20/2017  ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5120.088/20/2007Armed Forces Chaplains Board     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5120.2010/18/2010American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS)CH 111/20/2017  ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5120.3910/1/2015DoD Wage Fixing Authority-Appropriated Fund and Nonappropriated Fund Compensation ProgramsCH 17/26/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 5122.0812/17/2014Use of DoD Transportation Assets for Public Affairs PurposesCH 111/20/2017  ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5128.347/27/2010Defense Materiel Readiness Board (DMRB)CH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5129.471/26/2015Center for Countermeasures    DOT&E 703-697-0729
DoDI 5132.131/9/2009Staffing of Security Cooperation Organizations (SCOS) and the Selection and Training of Security Cooperation PersonnelCH 16/6/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5132.141/13/2017Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation Policy for the Security Cooperation Enterprise    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5134.0412/4/2017Director Of Small Business Programs (SBP)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5134.168/19/2011Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering (DASD(SE))    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5134.1710/25/2011Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test and Evaluation (DASD(DT&E))CH 211/20/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5145.031/10/2013Oversight of the DoD Personnel Security Programs  1/10/2023 GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5145.055/27/2016Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Conflict Management    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5154.0610/20/2011Armed Services Medical RegulatingCH 110/2/201310/20/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.3012/29/2015Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES) OperationsCH 112/21/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.31 Volume 110/16/2015Commercial Travel Management: Defense Travel Management Office    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.31 Volume 210/16/2015Commercial Travel Management: General Travel Provisions    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.31 Volume 310/16/2015Commercial Travel Management: Defense Travel System (DTS)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.31 Volume 410/16/2015Commercial Travel Management: DoD Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Program    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.31 Volume 510/16/2015Commercial Travel Management: the Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee (PDTATAC)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5154.31 Volume 610/16/2015Commercial Travel Management: Uniformed Services Housing and Station Allowances    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5158.055/22/2008Joint Deployment Process Owner    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5158.067/30/2007Distribution Process Owner (DPO)CH 19/11/2007  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5160.245/8/2007Delegation of Powers to the Secretaries of the Military Departments to Make Determinations Under the Social Security Act and Federal Insurance Contributions Act     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5160.483/21/2011DoD Public Affairs and Visual Information (PA&VI) Education and Training (E&T)CH 111/20/2017  ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5160.6812/29/2008Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA): Responsibilities of the SMCA, the Military Services, and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)CH 111/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5160.7012/30/2016Management of the Defense Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5160.711/26/2009DoD Language Testing ProgramCH 13/26/20141/26/2019  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5200.014/21/2016DoD Information Security Program and Protection of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)    USD(I)
DoDI 5200.023/21/2014DoD Personnel Security Program (PSP)CH 19/9/20143/21/2024 USD(I)
DoDI 5200.0812/10/2005Security of DoD Installations and Resources and the DoD Physical Security Review Board (PSRB)CH 311/20/2015 DTM-09-012USD(I)
DoDI S-5200.1611/14/2007Objectives and Minimum Standards for Communications Security (COMSEC) Measures Used in Nuclear Command and Control (NC2) Communications (U)    DoD CIO
DoDI 5200.336/30/2011Defense Courier Operations (DCO)CH 111/20/2017  USD(I)
DoDI 5200.395/28/2015Critical Program Information (CPI) Identification and Protection Within Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E)CH 111/17/2017  USD(I) USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI S-5200.4212/8/2009Defense Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Related Intelligence Activities (U)CH 210/16/201312/8/2019 USD(I)
DoDI 5200.4411/5/2012Protection of Mission Critical Functions to Achieve Trusted Systems & NetworksCH 27/27/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525 DoD CIO
DoDI 5200.469/9/2014DoD Investigative and Adjudicative Guidance for Issuing the Common Access Card (CAC)  9/9/2024 USD(I)
DoDI S-5205.013/9/2015(U) DoD Foreign Military Intelligence Collection Activities (FORMICA)CH 11/12/2017  USD(I)
DoDI 5205.082/16/2018Access to Classified Cryptographic Information    USD(I)
DoDI 5205.102/20/2009DoD Treaty Inspection Readiness Program (DTIRP)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5205.112/6/2013Management, Administration, and Oversight of DoD Special Access Programs (SAPS)  2/6/2023 DoD SAPCO 703-697-1282
DoDI 5205.131/29/2010Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Security (CS) ActivitiesCH 17/27/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 5205.833/30/2017DoD Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center (DITMAC)    USD(I)
DoDI 5210.026/3/2011Access to and Dissemination of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted DataCH 110/25/2017  USD(I)
DoDI 5210.424/27/2016DoD Nuclear Weapons Personnel Reliability AssuranceCH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5210.4511/14/2008Personnel Security Policies and Procedures for Sensitive Cryptologic Information in the National Security Agency/Central Security ServiceCH 22/13/201811/14/2018 USD(I)
DoDI 5210.6012/4/2005Security Clearance Program for U.S. Citizens Employed Directly by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI O-5210.6311/21/2006DoD Procedures for Security of Nuclear Reactors and Special Nuclear Materials (SNM)
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    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5210.651/19/2016Security Standards for Safeguarding Chemical AgentsCH 18/28/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5210.675/23/2011Special Nuclear Material Information, Security Classification Guidance    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI S-5210.828/22/2006Protection of Nuclear Weapons Coding Equipment (U)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5210.837/12/2012DoD Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI)CH 12/22/20187/12/2022 USD(I)
DoDI 5210.841/22/1992Security of DoD Personnel At U.S. Missions AbroadCH 110/15/1996  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5210.8711/30/1998Selection of DoD Military and Civilian Personnel and Contractor Employees for Assignment to Presidential Support Activities (PSAS)    ES, OSD 703-692-7120
DoDI 5210.881/19/2016Security Standards for Safeguarding Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT)CH 110/6/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5210.918/12/2010Polygraph and Credibility Assessment (PCA) ProceduresCH 110/15/20138/12/2020 USD(I)
DoDI 5220.223/18/2011National Industrial Security Program (NISP)    USD(I)
DoDI 5230.1610/6/2015Nuclear-Radiological Incident Public Affairs (PA) Guidance    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5230.248/23/2012Distribution Statements on Technical DocumentsCH 211/1/2017  USD(AT&L)
DoDI 5230.2711/18/2016Presentation of DoD-Related Scientific and Technical Papers At MeetingsCH 19/15/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI S-5230.285/26/2005Low Observable (LO) and Counter Low Observable (CLO) Programs (U)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5230.298/13/2014Security and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public ReleaseCH 14/14/2017  CMO 703-614-8888
DoDI 5240.044/1/2016Counterintelligence (CI) Investigations    USD(I)
DoDI 5240.054/3/2014Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)  4/3/2024 USD(I)
DoDI C-5240.0811/28/2011Counterintelligence (CI) Security Classification Guide (U)    USD(I)
DoDI S-5240.092/2/2015(U) Offensive Counterintelligence Operations (OFCO)CH 17/18/2016  USD(I)
DoDI 5240.1010/5/2011Counterintelligence (CI) in the Combatant Commands and Other DoD ComponentsCH 110/15/201310/5/2021 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.168/27/2012Counterintelligence Functional Services (CIFS)CH 27/28/2017  USD(I)
DoDI S-5240.173/14/2014(U) Counterintelligence Collection Activities (CCA)  3/14/2024 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.1811/17/2009Counterintelligence (CI) Analysis and ProductionCH 110/15/201311/17/2019 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.191/31/2014Counterintelligence Support to the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP)CH 18/17/2017  USD(I)
DoDI O-5240.215/14/2009Counterintelligence (CI) Inquiries
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CH 210/15/20135/14/2019 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.229/24/2009Counterintelligence Support to Force ProtectionCH 110/15/20139/24/2019 USD(I)
DoDI S-5240.2312/13/2010Counterintelligence (CI) Activities in Cyberspace (U)CH 110/16/201312/13/2020 USD(I)
DoDI O-5240.246/8/2011Counterintelligence (CI) Activities Supporting Research, Development, and Acquisition (RDA)
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CH 110/15/20136/8/2021 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.253/30/2012Counterintelligence Badges and CredentialsCH 110/15/20133/30/2022 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.265/4/2012Countering Espionage, International Terrorism, and the Counterintelligence (CI) Insider ThreatCH 110/15/20135/4/2022 USD(I)
DoDI 5240.2711/13/2013Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA)  11/13/2023 USD(I)
DoDI 5305.511/4/2015Space Management Procedures for the National Capital Region (NCR)    WHS 703-614-5937
DoDI 5330.032/8/2006Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Document Services    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5400.043/17/2009Provision of Information to Congress    ASD(LA) 703-697-6210
DoDI 5400.1310/15/2008Public Affairs (PA) Operations    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5400.1411/3/2014Procedures for Joint Public Affairs Operations    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5400.1512/2/2004Guidance on Obtaining Information From Financial InstitutionsCH 17/3/2007  CMO 703-607-2943
DoDI 5400.167/14/2015DoD Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) GuidanceCH 18/11/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 5405.032/18/2016Development, Submission, and Approval of Proposed Public Affairs Guidance (PPAG)    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5410.016/2/2009Release of Information Concerning Accidents Involving Military Personnel Or Equipment Or Concerning Senior Personnel    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5410.153/28/1989DoD Public Affairs Assistance to Non-Government, Non-Entertainment Oriented Print and Electronic Media    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5410.167/31/2015DoD Assistance to Non-Government, Entertainment-Oriented Motion Picture, Television, and Video Productions    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5410.179/15/2006United States Field Studies Program (FSP) for International Military and Civilian Students and Military-Sponsored Visitors    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5410.1911/13/2001Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5410.209/29/2016Public Affairs Relations with For-Profit Businesses and Business Industry Organizations    ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5500.141/4/2006Naturalization of Aliens Serving in the Armed Forces of the United States and of Alien Spouses And/Or Alien Adopted Children of Military and Civilian Personnel Ordered Overseas     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5500.162/15/2013Relationship with the Surveys and Investigations (S&I) Staff, House Appropriations Committee  2/15/2023 USD(C)/CFO
DoDI 5505.028/29/2013Criminal Investigations of Fraud OffensesCH 16/10/2016  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.033/24/2011Initiation of Investigations by Defense Criminal Investigative OrganizationsCH 22/13/2017  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.071/27/2012

Titling and Indexing in Criminal Investigations

    IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.084/17/2013Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIO) and Other DoD Law Enforcement Organizations Investigations of Adult, Private, Consensual Sexual MisconductCH 13/23/2017  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI O-5505.0911/27/2013Interception of Wire, Electronic, and Oral Communications for Law EnforcementCH 25/18/2016  IG, DOD 703-699-9955
DoDI 5505.108/15/2013Criminal Investigations of Noncombat Deaths  8/15/2023 IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.117/21/2014Fingerprint Card and Final Disposition Report Submission RequirementsCH 23/30/2017  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.1210/19/2006Anti-Fraud Program At Military Treatment Facilities (MTFS)CH 110/3/201310/19/2016  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5505.1412/22/2015Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Collection Requirements for Criminal Investigations, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and CommandersCH 13/9/2017  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.156/16/2010DoD Contractor Disclosure ProgramCH 212/22/2016  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.166/23/2017Investigations by DoD Components    IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.1712/19/2012Collection, Maintenance, Use, and Dissemination of Personally Identifiable Information and Law Enforcement Information by DoD Law Enforcement ActivitiesCH 111/29/2016  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.183/22/2017Investigation of Adult Sexual Assault in the Department of Defense12/13/2018  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5505.192/3/2015Establishment of Special Victim Investigation and Prosecution (SVIP) Capability Within the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIOS)CH 23/23/2017  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5515.088/30/2016Assignment of Claims Responsibility    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5525.035/23/2016Criminal Jurisdiction of Service Courts of Friendly Foreign Forces and Sending States in the United States    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5525.076/18/2007Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between the Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Defense Relating to the Investigation and Prosecution of Certain Crimes    GC, DOD 703-693-9994 AND IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5525.081/3/2007Service by Members of the Armed Forces on State and Local Juries     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.092/10/2006Compliance of DoD Members, Employees, and Family Members Outside the United States with Court Orders    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5525.113/3/2005Criminal Jurisdiction Over Civilians Employed by Or Accompanying the Armed Forces Outside the United States, Certain Service Members, and Former Service Members    GC, DOD 703-693-9994
DoDI 5525.122/13/2014Implementation of the Amended Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA)CH 18/1/2016   USD(P&R) and IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 5525.139/28/2007Limitation of Authority to Deputize DoD Uniformed Law Enforcement Personnel by State and Local Governments     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.143/22/2011DoD Law Enforcement Officers (LEOS) Flying ArmedCH 18/4/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.1512/22/2016Law Enforcement (LE) Standards and Training in the DoD     USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.168/29/2013Law Enforcement Defense Data Exchange (LE D-DEX)  8/29/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.1710/17/2013Conservation Law Enforcement Program (CLEP)CH 112/4/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.1810/18/2013Law Enforcement Criminal Intelligence (CRIMINT) in DoD  10/18/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.195/4/2016DoD Identity Matching Engine for Security and Analysis (IMESA) Access to Criminal Justice Information (CJI) and Terrorist Screening Databases (TSDB)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5525.2011/14/2016Registered Sex Offender (RSO) Management in DoD    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5535.85/14/1999DoD Technology Transfer (T2) Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5535.1011/24/2009Coordination of DoD Efforts to Identify, Evaluate, and Transfer DoD Technology Items, Equipment, and Services to Federal, State, and Local First RespondersCH 15/24/2017  USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 5535.113/19/2012Availability of Samples, Drawings, Information, Equipment, Materials, and Certain Services to Non-DoD Persons and Entities    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 5535.129/13/2013DoD Branding and Trademark Licensing Program Implementation  9/13/2023 ATSD(PA)
DoDI 5545.0212/19/2008DoD Policy for Congressional Authorization and Appropriations Reporting Requirements    ASD(LA) 703-697-6210
DoDI 5545.044/7/2011Policy on the Congressional Reporting Process for Military Educational Institutions Seeking to Establish, Modify, Or Redesignate Degrees     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6000.081/22/2014Defense Health Program Research and Clinical Investigation ProgramsCH 111/30/20171/22/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6000.115/4/2012Patient Movement (PM)CH 112/1/20175/4/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6000.1312/30/2015Accession and Retention Policies, Programs, and Incentives for Military Health Professions Officers (HPOS)CH 15/3/2016   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6000.149/26/2011DoD Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in the Military Health System (MHS)CH 110/3/20139/26/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6000.154/19/1999Joint Medical Executive Skills Development Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6000.165/17/2010Military Health Support for Stability Operations     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6010.206/17/1997Admission Procedures for the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6010.2112/18/2001Tricare Marketing Policy     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6010.224/14/2016National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6010.231/23/2012DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care Resource Sharing ProgramCH 110/3/20131/23/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6010.245/14/2015Interagency Complex Care Coordination    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6015.171/13/2012Military Health System (MHS) Facility Portfolio ManagementCH 111/30/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6015.232/23/2015Foreign Military Personnel Care and Uniform Business Offices in Military Treatment Facilities (MTFS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6015.241/5/2001Sizing of Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Program Closure Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.51/6/1995Personal Services Contracts (PSCS) for Health Care Providers (HCPS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.132/17/2011Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) and Clinical Quality Management in the Military Health System (MHS)CH 110/2/20132/17/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.1812/2/2009Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information in DoD Health Care Programs     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.196/9/2014Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)  6/9/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.204/9/2013Medical Management (Mm) Programs in the Direct Care System (DCS) and Remote AreasCH 110/2/20134/9/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.221/30/2015Assistive Technology (AT) for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Service Members     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.239/16/2011Health Care Eligibility Under the Secretarial Designee Program and Related Special AuthoritiesCH 110/2/20139/26/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.243/7/2014Provision of Food and Beverages to Certain Uniformed Service Members, Former Members, and Dependents Not Receiving Inpatient Care in Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6025.254/26/2016Drug Take Back Program    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6040.4011/26/2002Military Health System Data Quality Management Control Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6040.426/8/2016Management Standards for Medical Coding of DoD Health Records    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6040.447/2/2015Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR)CH 112/4/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6040.4511/16/2015DoD Health Record Life Cycle ManagementCH 14/11/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6040.464/14/2016The Separation History and Physical Examination (SHPE) for the DoD Separation Health Assessment (SHA) Program    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6040.479/28/2016Joint Trauma System (JTS)    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6050.058/15/2006DoD Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.0110/14/2014DoD Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Program  10/14/2024 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.044/20/2009DoD Traffic Safety ProgramCH 310/10/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.0511/11/2008Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH)CH 111/21/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.0612/21/2006DoD Fire and Emergency Services (F&Es) Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.076/6/2011Mishap Notification, Investigation, Reporting, and Record Keeping    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.0812/15/2009Occupational Ionizing Radiation Protection ProgramCH 111/17/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.118/19/2009Protecting Personnel From Electromagnetic FieldsCh 110/10/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.1212/3/2010Hearing Conservation Program (HCP)CH 110/25/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.155/4/2007DoD Laser Protection Program    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.167/29/2008Explosives Safety Management ProgramCH 211/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.172/13/2017DoD Emergency Management (EM) ProgramCH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.194/11/2017Aviation Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Programs (AHIRAPS)    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6055.206/6/2017Assessment of Significant Long-Term Health Risks From Past Environmental Exposures on Military Installations    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 6060.028/5/2014Child Development Programs (CDPS)  8/5/2024 USD(P&R)
DoDI 6060.48/23/2004Youth Programs (YPS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6070.27/19/2002Department of Defense Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund Operations     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6130.034/28/2010Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, Or Induction in the Military ServicesCH 19/13/2011   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6130.052/18/2011DoD Nutrition CommitteeCH 110/3/20132/18/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6200.022/27/2008Application of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Rules to Department of Defense Force Health Protection Programs     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6200.033/5/2010Public Health Emergency Management Within the Department of DefenseCH 210/2/20133/5/2020  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6200.056/16/2016Force Health Protection Quality Assurance (FHPQA) ProgramCH 112/21/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6200.069/8/2016Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Program    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6200.078/9/2017Delivery of Direct Health Care to Non-Detainee Host Nation (HN) Civilians     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6205.44/14/2000Immunization of Other Than U.S. Forces (OTUSF) for Biological Warfare Defense    ASD(S&TR) 703-697-4823
DoDI 6400.012/13/2015Family Advocacy Program (FAP)CH 14/5/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6400.034/25/2014Family Advocacy Command Assistance Team (FACAT)CH 14/3/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6400.056/13/2012New Parent Support Program (NPSP)  6/13/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6400.068/21/2007Domestic Abuse Involving DoD Military and Certain Affiliated PersonnelCH 45/26/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6400.0711/25/2013Standards for Victim Assistance Services in the Military CommunityCH 14/3/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6420.013/20/2009National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI)CH 19/2/20143/20/2019 USD(I)
DoDI 6430.028/23/2017Defense Medical Logistics Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6440.025/29/2014Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP)  5/29/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6440.036/10/2011DoD Laboratory Network (DLN)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6465.017/17/2015Erythrocyte Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency (G6PD) and Sickle Cell Trait Screening Programs     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6465.036/8/2016Anatomic Gifts and Tissue Donation    USD(P&R)
DoDI 6480.048/13/2012Armed Services Blood Program Operational ProceduresCH 110/2/20138/13/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6485.016/7/2013Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Military Service Members  6/7/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.038/11/2006Deployment Health     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.043/4/2013Mental Health Evaluations of Members of the Military Services  3/4/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.0511/22/2011Maintenance of Psychological Health in Military OperationsCH 110/2/201311/22/2021  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.064/21/2009Counseling Services for DoD Military, Guard and Reserve, Certain Affiliated Personnel, and Their Family MembersCH 23/31/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.072/5/2010Deployment-Limiting Medical Conditions for Service Members and DoD Civilian Employees     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.088/17/2011Command Notification Requirements to Dispel Stigma in Providing Mental Health Care to Service Members     USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.092/27/2012DoD Directors of Psychological HealthCH 24/25/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.103/26/2012Continuity of Behavioral Health Care for Transferring and Transitioning Service MembersCH 110/28/2015   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.119/18/2012DoD Policy Guidance for Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion in the Deployed Setting  9/18/2022  USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.122/26/2013Mental Health Assessments for Service Members Deployed in Connection with A Contingency OperationCH 21/25/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.139/11/2015Comprehensive Policy on Traumatic Brain Injury-Related Neurocognitive Assessments by the Military ServicesCH 13/31/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6490.158/8/2013Integration of Behavioral Health Personnel (BHP) Services Into Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Primary Care and Other Primary Care Service SettingsCH 211/20/2014   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6495.023/28/2013Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program ProceduresCH 35/24/2017   USD(P&R)
DoDI 6495.039/10/2015Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP)CH 14/7/2017  USD(P&R)
DoDI 7000.143/3/2006Department of Defense Financial Management Policy and ProceduresCH 19/17/2008  USD(C)
DoDI 7041.039/9/2015Economic Analysis for Decision-MakingCH 110/2/2017  DCAPE 703-614-3463
DoDI 7041.047/3/2013Estimating and Comparing the Full Costs of Civilian and Active Duty Military Manpower and Contract Support  7/3/2023 DCAPE 703-614-3463
DoDI 7050.033/22/2013Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense Access to Records and Information  3/22/2023 IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7050.055/12/2014Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to Procurement Activities  5/12/2024 IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7060.065/15/2012International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS)  5/15/2022 USD(I)
DoDI 7230.081/2/2009Leases and Demonstrations of DoD Equipment    USD(P) 703-571-9255
DoDI 7250.136/30/2009Use of Appropriated Funds for Official Representation PurposesCH 19/27/2017  CMO
DoDI 7600.0210/16/2014Audit PoliciesCH 13/15/2016  IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7600.0611/5/2012Audit of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI) and Related Activities  11/5/2022 IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7600.103/22/2016Follow-Up and Oversight on Single Audits    IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7640.024/15/2015Policy for Follow-Up on Contract Audit Reports    IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7650.011/27/2009Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Comptroller General Requests for Access to RecordsCH 18/24/2011  USD(C)
DoDI 7650.0211/20/2006General Accountability Office (GAO) Reviews and ReportsCH 11/6/2017  CMO
DoDI 7650.0312/18/2014Follow-Up on Government Accountability Office (GAO), Inspector General of the Department of Defense (IG DoD), and Internal Audit Reports    IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7700.1812/15/2004Commissary Surcharge, Nonappropriated Fund (NAF), and Privately Financed Construction Reporting Procedures     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7700.2011/10/2005Commissary Surcharge, Nonappropriated Fund (NAF), and Privately Financed Construction Policy     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7730.1811/7/2013Recurring Reports of Civilian Employment and Payrolls  11/7/2023  USD(P&R)
DoDI 7730.471/23/2014Defense Incident-Based Reporting System (DIBRS)  1/23/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 7730.545/20/2011Reserve Components Common Personnel Data System (RCCPDS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7730.6412/11/2004Automated Extracts of Manpower and Unit Organizational Element Files     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7730.667/8/2011Guidance for the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7730.6710/20/2016Aviator Incentive Pays and Bonus Program     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7750.069/25/2013Information Requirements for Semi-Annual Report to the Congress  9/25/2023 IG, DOD 703-602-1017
DoDI 7750.0710/10/2014DoD Forms Management Program  10/10/2024 DoD CIO
DoDI 7770.026/13/2011Reporting Requirements for Active Components Military Pay File Extracts (ACMPFE)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 7770.0312/5/2011Reporting Requirements for Reserve Components Military Pay File Extracts (RCMPFE)     USD(P&R)
DoDI 8100.0412/9/2010DoD Unified Capabilities (UC)    DoD CIO
DoDI 8110.0111/25/2014Mission Partner Environment (MPE) Information Sharing Capability Implementation for the DoD    DoD CIO
DoDI 8115.0210/30/2006Information Technology Portfolio Management Implementation    DoD CIO
DoDI 8130.014/9/2015Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S)CH 110/25/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 8145.011/17/2012DoD Information Assurance Scholarship ProgramCH 17/28/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8220.024/30/2009Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Capabilities for Support of Stabilization and Reconstruction, Disaster Relief, and Humanitarian and Civic Assistance Operations    DoD CIO
DoDI 8260.21/21/2003Implementation of Data Collection, Development, and Management for Strategic Analyses    DCAPE 703-614-3463
DoDI 8260.032/19/2014The Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFM DI)  2/19/2024  USD(P&R)
DoDI 8260.045/14/2015Military Health System (MHS) Support for DoD Strategic Analysis     USD(P&R)
DoDI 8310.012/2/2015Information Technology Standards in the DoDCH 17/31/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8320.028/5/2013Sharing Data, Information, and Technology (IT) Services in the Department of Defense  8/5/2023 DoD CIO
DoDI 8320.0311/4/2015Unique Identification (UID) Standards for Supporting the DoD Information EnterpriseCH 111/15/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 8320.049/3/2015Item Unique Identification (IUID) Standards for Tangible Personal PropertyCH 111/14/2017  USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 8320.058/18/2011Electromagnetic Spectrum Data SharingCH 111/22/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8320.069/26/2012Organization Unique Identification (OUID) Standards for Unique Identification of External Department of Defense Business Partners  9/26/2022 USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 8320.078/3/2015Implementing the Sharing of Data, Information, and Information Technology (IT) Services in the Department of DefenseCH 112/5/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8330.015/21/2014Interoperability of Information Technology (IT), Including National Security Systems (NSS)CH 112/18/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8410.0112/4/2015Internet Domain Name and Internet Protocol Address Space Use and Approval    DoD CIO
DoDI 8410.0212/19/2008Netops for the Global Information Grid (GIG)    DoD CIO
DoDI 8410.038/29/2012Network Management (NM)  8/29/2022 DoD CIO
DoDI 8440.0112/24/2015DoD Information Technology (IT) Service Management (ITSM)    DoD CIO
DoDI 8420.0111/3/2017Commercial Wireless Local-Area Network (WLAN) Devices, Systems, and Technologies    DoD CIO
DoDI 8420.029/15/2016DoD Satellite Communications (SATCOM)    DoD CIO
DoDI 8500.013/14/2014Cybersecurity  3/14/2024 DoD CIO
DoDI 8510.013/12/2014Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD Information Technology (IT)CH 27/28/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8520.025/24/2011Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Public Key (PK) Enabling    DoD CIO
DoDI 8520.035/13/2011Identity Authentication for Information SystemsCH 17/27/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8523.014/22/2008Communications Security (COMSEC)    DoD CIO
DoDI 8530.013/7/2016Cybersecurity Activities Support to DoD Information Network OperationsCH 17/25/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8540.015/8/2015Cross Domain (CD) PolicyCH 18/28/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8550.019/11/2012DoD Internet Services and Internet-Based Capabilities  9/22/2022 DoD CIO
DoDI 8551.015/28/2014Ports, Protocols, and Services Management (PPSM)CH 17/27/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8560.0110/9/2007Communications Security (COMSEC) Monitoring and Information Assurance (IA) Readiness Testing    DoD CIO
DoDI 8580.17/9/2004Information Assurance (IA) in the Defense Acquisition System    DoD CIO
DoDI 8580.028/12/2015Security of Individually Identifiable Health Information in DoD Health Care Programs    USD(P&R)
DoDI 8581.016/8/2010Information Assurance (IA) Policy for Space Systems Used by the Department of Defense    DoD CIO
DoDI 8582.016/6/2012Security of Unclassified DoD Information on Non-DoD Information SystemsCH 110/27/2017  DoD CIO
DoDI 8910.015/19/2014Information Collection and Reporting  5/19/2024 DoD CIO

DoDI 4151.24

10/13/2017Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) Determination Process    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525

DoDI 7770.01

10/13/2017Reporting Requirements for Retired Uniformed Service Pay File Extracts     USD(P&R)

DoDI 7050.01


DoD Hotline Program

    IG, DOD 703-602-1017

DoDI 6025.26

10/31/2017DoD Program For Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (CARB)    USD(P&R)

DoDI 1304.35

11/1/2017Military Marketing     USD(P&R)

DoDI 6490.16

11/6/2017Defense Suicide Prevention Program    USD(P&R)

DoDI 6025.27

11/8/2017Medical Ethics In The Military Health System     USD(P&R)

DoDI 4140.71


Management of DoD Construction and Barrier Material

    USD(AT&L) 703-697-2525
DoDI 1020.032/8/2018Harassment Prevention and Response in the Armed Forces    USD(P&R)
DoDI 5000.771/31/2018DoD Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Program    



DoDI 5500.17
2/21/2018Role and Responsibilities of the Joint Service Committee on Military Justice (JSC)    



  • Issuance # = issuance number
  • CH. # = change number listed on the issuance
  • CH. Date = change date listed on the issuance
  • Exp. Date = expiration date listed on the issuance
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